Sorry NO photos

I have surfed around for hours in the new layout of the Blog and can not find any way to upload a photo or as Blog City suggested, a photo album, as in, “in order for me to show you one photo, you  have to create a new photo album for each new photo.”

They tell me if I am so unhappy with the Blog lay out to just get refund and leave it at that, but what they don’t understand is, I am happy when it is running correctly. I just want to be able to write and share my almost daily photos- 

That is not  possible right now, I have searched high and low for HOURS  to see any button or so that says ” upload photo” and there is nothing. Can someone out there in Blog City land tell me how to add a photo or photo album ( which I think is silly just for one photo) as I have so many new photos to show you but can not until it becomes possible on Blog City to add a photo.

Ho hum. I am off to Berlin next week for 19 days or so to visit Jasmine. I am sure I will feel some left over hate thanks to the Jew Bashing experience I had. The journalists there had a field day making the German guy who knocked me out to be the poor victim,  and me the bad one who wore the Star of David etc- I get hate mail from Germans every day about this bad press and hate crime case. They should get over it and see the light.

Oh, I gave up on the 5th Wheel, I called them and now they say ” Oh, your episode will for sure air on May 27th!” Hello?! Forget it, if you accidentally see me on the show, tell me how it was, otherwise ( to quote Eminem) ” I just don’t give a fuck!”.

(NOTE: I NEED “spell CHECK in my blog!”)

Going to show Marylin Manson’s tour manager around tonight, probably bring him to a HUGE karaoke birthday party and make him sing some KISS or something hard rock. I spoke to Arturo again finally and asked him “why the HELL do you dissapear like that?” and he said he is busy working on his book with Johnny Ramone. It is a book about the technical/buisness side of the Ramones career, not a peronal one. Like I told you, the further down south one lives in Manhattan, the more you have to go to them ( even call them).

I wanted to post a HOT photo I took of Sting’s trumpet player, Chris Botti, but like I said, I can’t do this now, and it is making me crazy!

This meeting I have next week on the 16th is so important and I am dying to tell you about it, but I have to keep it a secret until it happens, then I will purge in the blog and either celebrate the good news or whine and moan about the let down, but it is a BIG DEAL. Basically what I have been waiting for, say for YEARS! Cross yer fingers for ol’ Dottie would you?

I am off to jog, 6 miles or so,

” I don’t know but I’ve been told, if you never slow down, you never grow old”  Tom Petty

Dr. Feakin’ Dot