The Fifth Wheel lie

I now believe the 5th Wheel tells the contestants several false air dates just to get more people to tune in to watch their stupid show. I was told so many different times when it would air, now I don’t believe them no matter what. Oh well, no big deal. If you are really curious as to when it will air, call the 5th Wheel wankers and ask them: 1-323-954-9424 ask them when is the ‘5th Wheel episode number 537’ going to air.  They piss me off, tell them I said that.

My cousin Rachel is here visiting from CT, she has never been out on the town in NYC, so even though I am massaging Sting’s entourage and I am on call, I am still taking her around the city and showing her a good time. She is also a karaoke queen, in fact, she was into it way before I was, she is the one who got me into it, so it’s all her fault 😉

Gotta rest up for another day of touring the city with Rachel

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