Oh yes, I am very aware that this photo has already appeared in one of my former blogs, but I don't care, it is my favorite photo and I still can not get over the fact that I got to kiss Paul McCartney!! Fucking hell, wake me up, am I dreaming?

I ordered “The Beatles Anthology” on DVD and Paul McCartney's “Back in the U.S” DVD and I want to say a few things about both of them. The Paul DVD is incredible, but obviously the camera men on his tour were HORN DOGS, they show girls with HUGE TITS throughout the whole friggin' concert. I mean, I can understand one or two gorgeous women being shown now and then, but this is SO OBVIOUS. I mean, Paul doesn't strike me as such a tit man, or a prev – at all! He seems like a big innocent sweet heart! But who ever edited this concert material decided, well, lets put as many breast in there as we can, so the men watching don't get bored ( er , rather, the men editing it don't get bored). But other than that, it is fucking amazing.

Moving rite along, if you are at ALL a Beatles fan, you simply can not go on in life without buying the Anthology DVD's. I am glued to the TV every night watching each one, I am now on part 7, they are the BOMB. Every thing the Beatles ever did, sang, went, wore, shagged, its all in there. It has so much info and rare footage, every Beatles fan will be pleased. And anyone who watches it, who isn't a fan, will probably have to throw in the towel and love them too.

I am still in Berlin, and it is FREEEEEZING here! I will have to honor of massaging an Italian super star this Saturday afternoon, he is called Eros Ramazotti. He is very talented and