Paramore and You and Me at Six in Berlin

Jeeze, I really hit the ground running this time in Berlin. Day after I landed I was up and at em getting new US passport and a facial, next day massaging Paul McCartney's guitarist, Brian Ray , then saw the show that night (I paid 250 euro for my ticket so I wasn't after a freebie, although I was gutted Paul had no time for a massage).



Next day after Macca show (which by the way was good BUT I could have just watched the DVD I have called Back in the US , live concert footage from 2002 from Paul, which was almost EXACTLY like the show I saw here in Berlin December 3rd, 2009. I mean even the dialog was the same "this is when the band goes away and leaves me alone with YOU" etc. sigh. FUCK!!! I LOVE the Beatles and Paul but had I known the set list and dialog was an exact replica I would have stayed home and slept off a big of this jet lag I STILL have. This below is the best shot I could get from the Macca show:


You can see the set list on my blog of that show HERE



Drummer Zac – only 19 years old and already so successful. This band is going places. Seriously.  Check them out:



Singer Josh is a super sweet person (also 19 years old!). This band is from London, keep your eye out: http: / / www. myspace. com/youmeatsix



Paramore was headlining, they are HUGE now. Heard they penned a song or two from the Twilight movie sound track so the crowd was 99.9% young screaming girls lol. The band Paramore are SO down to earth. I got along with the bassist and drummer the best. They are both very chatty and fun. Guitarist was a sweety but very quiet. He and the drummer are brothers. I love meeting young musicians who are ambitious, successful and not into drugs. They will go far, I just have a feeling about these guys. Nashville natives takin' over, yo. 


The band You and Me at Six are very popular in the UK and slowly gaining respect in Europe and the USA too. Super young as well, dam I felt old around all these 19 year olds! Hello!! haha. Well I massaged for 9 hours straight apart from the dinner break I had and my fingers were sore the next day, the deep tissue massage I give out is BRUTAL. The clients love it but my fingers are not amused the next day. 


Berlin is FREEZING, it is too fucking cold to even snow here. Jesus. Anyway, I am running a slight fever, rather cranky and miss my Jasmine so I will stop moaning now and get to bed


Setlist from Paul McCartney show in Berlin Dec. 3, 2009

In a hurry now, off to massage a band called PARAMORE. Here is set list from last night's Paul McCartney show, it was HEAVEN!


      1. Magical Mystery Tour Play Video
         2. Drive My Car Play Video
         3. Jet Play Video
         4. Only Mama Knows Play Video
         5. Flaming Pie Play Video
         6. Got To Get You Into My Life Play Video
         7. Let Me Roll It / Foxy Lady Play Video
         8. Highway Play Video
         9. The Long and Winding Road Play Video
        10. (I Want to) Come Home Play Video
        11. My Love Play Video
        12. Blackbird Play Video
        13. Here Today Play Video
        14. Dance Tonight Play Video
        15. And I Love Her Play Video
        16. Mrs Vanderbilt Play Video
        17. Eleanor Rigby Play Video
        18. Band on the Run Play Video
        19. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Play Video
        20. Sing the Changes Play Video
        21. Back in the U.S.S.R. Play Video
        22. Something Play Video
        23. I've Got a Feeling Play Video
        24. Paperback Writer Play Video
        25. A Day in the Life / Give Peace A Chance Play
        26. Let It Be Play Video
        27. Live and Let Die Play Video
        28. Hey Jude Play Video
        29. Encore:
        29. Day Tripper Play Video
        30. Lady Madonna Play Video
        31. Get Back Play Video
        32. Encore 2:
        32. Yesterday Play Video
        33. Helter Skelter Play Video
        34. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Play 

Dear Boy

"I guess you never knew,
Dear boy, what you had found,
I guess you never knew,
Dear boy, that she was just the cutest thing around.
I guess you never knew what you had found,
Dear boy.
I stepped in, my heart was down and out,
But her love came through and brought me 'round,
got me up and about.
I guess you never saw,
Dear boy, that love was there,
And maybe when you look too hard,
Dear boy, you never do become aware.
I guess you never did become aware,
Dear Boy.
When I stepped in, my heart was down and out,
But her love came through and brought me 'round,
got me up and about.
I hope you never know, dear boy,
how much you missed,
And even when you fall in love,
Dear boy, it won't be half as good as this
I hope you never know how much you missed, dear boy.
I stepped in, my heart was down and out,
But her love came through and brought me 'round,
got me up and about.
Dear boy, how much you missed,
Dear boy" 


Paul McCartney

Love, the drug?

Some folks function better when the are in love but some people turn to shit when they are in love. Like love is a flu or something that paralyzes them, clouds their thoughts, confuses them and over powers them. Still not sure if being in love is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose if you have a good relationship to love, it may push you up, but if you don't, it will steal our face rite off your head. The hurricane called love. Like a roller coaster, all the ups and downs. pffft.

It is raining it's ASS off again here in NYC. It was sunny yesterday, but now it's a monsoon again. I feel like the final countdown is on now, slowing tying up loose ends here in NYC in anticipation for my return to Berlin in June. It still bothers me greatly to live in two different places and lead two different lives. When will it end? “I want a horse, I want a sheep, wanna get me a good night sleep, lookin for a home in the heart of the country.. gonna move, gonna go, gonna tell everyone I know, lookin for a home in the heart of the country” Macca .


Oh yes, I am very aware that this photo has already appeared in one of my former blogs, but I don't care, it is my favorite photo and I still can not get over the fact that I got to kiss Paul McCartney!! Fucking hell, wake me up, am I dreaming?

I ordered “The Beatles Anthology” on DVD and Paul McCartney's “Back in the U.S” DVD and I want to say a few things about both of them. The Paul DVD is incredible, but obviously the camera men on his tour were HORN DOGS, they show girls with HUGE TITS throughout the whole friggin' concert. I mean, I can understand one or two gorgeous women being shown now and then, but this is SO OBVIOUS. I mean, Paul doesn't strike me as such a tit man, or a prev – at all! He seems like a big innocent sweet heart! But who ever edited this concert material decided, well, lets put as many breast in there as we can, so the men watching don't get bored ( er , rather, the men editing it don't get bored). But other than that, it is fucking amazing.

Moving rite along, if you are at ALL a Beatles fan, you simply can not go on in life without buying the Anthology DVD's. I am glued to the TV every night watching each one, I am now on part 7, they are the BOMB. Every thing the Beatles ever did, sang, went, wore, shagged, its all in there. It has so much info and rare footage, every Beatles fan will be pleased. And anyone who watches it, who isn't a fan, will probably have to throw in the towel and love them too.

I am still in Berlin, and it is FREEEEEZING here! I will have to honor of massaging an Italian super star this Saturday afternoon, he is called Eros Ramazotti. He is very talented and