Burning Bridges, and other fun things to do in Connecticut

For all of you who don’t know what burning bridges means, it means to cut contact with a friend or loved one, with a vengance, getting rid of someone in your life, hence, to ‘burn the bridge’ between you and that person. I, sadly, come from a family of stubborn bridge burners. You would think after the death of my mother ( she was only 47 years old) that relatives in this family would think, “hmm, I should have made up with Donna before she died, that bridge we burnt can now never be rebuilt” but NO, they don’t they keep on burnin’ em. Not mentioning ANY names, but there are a few that are ruthless, and think nothing of telling a reltaive to fuck off and die, and mean it.

I have to say, I am grateful for growing up in such an enviroment, it helped me become independent, knowing that you can depend on you and only you, helps me focus and stay strong, the unfortionate side to that is fear of intimacy ( I don’t mean physical intamacy either. Tough as nails, jaded, mean, ruthless, all words I have heard people call me. But didn’ they say that about Madonna and other super sucessful people? Didn’t even John Lennon say ” you have to be a bastard to make it to the top”.

So, I am still in CT, visiting my favorite Uncle, who allows everyone he knows to come over and use his computer, pool etc, he and his partner are very generous and open minded, but this attracts a lot of leeches ( people who take and take and TAKE). Cool, whatever, it has always been like that. He and his partner drove up to Maine, leaving me here with the dogs, still waiting for Jasmine to land at the airport which is 2 minutes from the house. My Uncle told me there would be two other gay friends of his coming and going as they please and not to pay any mind to it, also fine. Up until this point, I was very friendly with the guys, I have know one for many years, Tony( not a leech) and the other one, I don’t know so well, but I know he comes over everyday to use my uncles internet. He lives rents a aroom from a woman who lives next door to my Uncle. This guy, let’s call him Mickey, is about 39 years old. Mickey knows that Tony and I are staying at my Uncles house, as we all chatted in the drive way before we all went out in our seperate ways. MIckey told me about a place where he would be, they do karaoke there, so I went there, and he wasnt there, plus it was so smokey, I almost passed out when I went in. I left and went to another place, there isn’t much to choose from in Windsor Locks! Anyhow, around 2am, I headed home, Tony called me on my cell/handy to ask where I was, we were both heading home at the same time. We met in driveway, and talked about our adventures, then tried to get in the house, which was locked, and it is NEVER locked. All doors were locked, we yelled ” Mickey” really loud for a while and even called the home number- all lights on, no answer, so we started to panic. Tony went it back yard, climed over gate etc, and pushed th eback door in, it was locked ,but must be old or something as it went rite open, Tony walked into kitchen to see Mickey, who was shocked as HELL that Tony got it. He played dumb “was someone calling my name?” what the fuck ever dude! Then TOny let me in and Mickey went upstairs to break the bad news to the THREE guys he had somehow convinced to come over and hang out in my uncles ROOM with him. Naturally, I was mad and asked them all to leave. They all were drunk and barely dressed ( ew!) I told Mickey that I think he takes advantage of my Uncle AND the dogs were all locked outside at 2:30am, which is NOT the norm by the way, these dogs are spoiled to death and are usually sleeping on the bed with my Uncle by 10pm. I called my Uncle to tell him this and he was ‘two sheets to the wind” (BLAU) and didn’t believe Tony or I, because Mickey had already ran to a phone and lied to my Uncle that big bad Dot and Tony ganged up on him and he didn’t lock