24 hour massage service Belgium


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I am an American licensed massage therapist now living in Brussels, Belgium.  I graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 1998.

The art and practice of massage has been for me since an early age, one of the best tools to attain, and maintain and assist in the maintenance of a lasting feeling of well being. My main concern with you is to help you experience the maximum benefit from a top quality massage. I would like to offer you and share with you the experience I have acquired throughout my years of practice.

A session with me combines my approach to facia release with swedish, deep tissue, passive stretching, trigger point and chinese energy work.  The result of this Integrative massage experience
is that the person receiving a treatment  easily enters into a special state in which the process of healing and repair is facilitated. Seeing the positive results of this approach, compelled me to write a book, which is called “Integrative Massage For the Inner Journey” of which I’d like to quote here a small excerpt:

“My saga begins with music…I realize now that what it takes to compose a universally appealing piece of music, is the same thing it takes for a committed massage therapist to provide a harmonizing massage session.
Rhythm, pace, background and foreground are part of both disciplines, as well as intensity, tone and melody.”

Being caring and attentive to the true need for well being of the person I’m working on  is my ever present priority.  The expression I often hear from my clients”you’ve got healing hands”, partly implies that at times I may be applying a soft but skillful touch, and other times I my be working very deep (but not hurting) across layers of skin, muscles and sometimes stagnant energies.

Being on Dr Dot’s team, means that I am truly pleased to be offering to you the best quality massage you can find world wide. This is Dr Dot team’s commitment to you .

I look forwards to fulfilling it working with you.