24 hour massage service Detroit, Miami

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All about me

     For the past 9 years I have been working as a part-time production operator for DaimlerChrysler at the Sterling Heights Assemble Plant.  I have worked in the assembly for 5 years assembling various parts of the Dodge Stratus, Plymouth Breeze and the Sebring.  The last 4 years I have been working in the paint department, mainly sanding and buffing the cars.
For the last 4 months I have been working for K.Y.D.A. Technologies as an office manager.  I have been answering phone calls, doing collection calls, ordering parts for the company, balancing both the business account and the owner’s personal checking account.  I am also in charge of payroll and I take the basic accounting journals and I post them to the general ledger working thorough the trial balance.  I also run 2 of my own businesses.  I am a certified massage therapist and a Mary Kay beauty consultant.  As a massage therapist, I help people relax, relieve stress, heal, release tension, increase range of motion, help them sleep, increase circulation, ease pain and teach them about how to keep their body healthy. As a Mary Kay beauty consultant I teach people how to keep their skin healthy.  I do this by keeping my customers skin properly balanced, from oil and acne free to greatly minimizing wrinkles to applying color.  Although, I am extremely busy my main focus is school and my goal is to be on the dean’s list this semester.  I know that it is extremely hard to do but I plan on trying my hardest to make it all work.

     My academic strengths consist of subjects that I am interested in which are English, anatomy, sociology, psychology, art, music and writing.  My academic weaknesses are just the opposite, which are also things that I am not interested in such as, Math, statistics, physics, chemistry, economics, and history.
    As you can see I’m an ambitious person that likes to stay busy.