24 hour massage service Omaha,Nebraska

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Hello my name is Wendy, I was born and raised right here in Nebraska and ready to serve you with a great therapeutic massage tailored to your needs. I am the mother of a very active boy who keeps me running and also is my number one client.  I love cooking and St Bernard’s, I knew at a young age that I loved massage.  I was the one who would be giving back and shoulder rubs at all our school events, I was told back then that I had a great touch. I really feel in love with massage when I was in Esthetics school when we were taught a small about of massage manipulations and decided then that I wanted to be a L.M.T as well so after graduation back to school I went.

 As well as being a licensed massage therapist I hold 3 other licenses, I am a Cosmetologist,Esthetician and Nail Tech.   While I was in school I had a steady returning clientele that consisted of UNL Track and Volleyball members, they loved my Deep Tissue massages. Being able to work in such a rewarding field and being able to call myself and L.M.T is such an honor, could not imagine doing anything else.   I love life and am passionate about working with all types of people from athletes to business professionals, singers, musicians and celebrities.  I am also fortunate enough to provide my services as a Physical Rehabilitation Assistant at a local Chiropractic and Headache clinic.  I look forward to meeting you soon!!!

Sincerely your Nebraska DotBot,