24 hour chiropractic service San Francisco, California

 Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Khaled/San Francisco” in subject line 🙂

My name is Dr. Khaled  (pronounced ‘kaleed’ 🙂

 I am a Chiropractor/bodyworker with 10 years of professional experience. I have been fortunate enough to have served patients from all walks of life as well as professional Athletes, musicians and Military(Special Forces).

 The youngest of four athletic brothers, i grew up seeing and experiencing all kinds of injuries/aches/pains, which eventually lead me to be a Chiropractor.

 I can’t possibly imagine myself doing anything else in the world. The satisfaction of getting someone out of pain and functioning at an optimal level is an amazing feeling. I have attending 100’s of hrs of workshops/seminars over the years so that i could continue to serve my patients to the best of my abilities.

 I have also practice abroad where i learned more techniques related to bodywork from skilled Doctors in Germany as well as Qatar and even visited Military bases inside of Afghanistan to extend my services. A healthy, mobile spine does wonders for the whole body.

 Besides my bread n butter which is Tradional Chiropractic, i also do extremityadjustings(shoulder/hands/feet), Myofascial release, Cranio-Sacral Work, Posture Therapy, Nutritional/functional medicine and Personal Training. I look forward in working with and on you :)) Cheers!!!!