24 hour massage service Brisbane, Australia

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Alex Brisbane, Australia, Massage Therapist
Hi, I’m Alex. I am a qualified Massage Therapist and have been practicing massage intermittently over 24 years. Along the way I have also qualified as a Registered Nurse, a Naturopath and Acupuncturist. You could say I had a thirst for appreciating the body holistically. I am therefore pretty experienced at understanding the body, its anatomy, biochemistry and pressure points . I use a very professional approach when massaging my clients and cater to their needs so as to give them the most enjoyable experience whether it be a more relaxing massage or a more therapeutic deep tissue and/or invigorating massage.
I once worked with Dr. Gillian Mckeath from the TV series “You are what you eat” in Hampstead Heath, London working with the clients using Foot Reflexology and Colonic Irrigation usually at the same time which was another interesting angle on the wonderful workings of the body.
I have spent a lot of my life travelling and lived in France flitting between London and my home in Normandy for five years. I speak pretty much fluent French and adore France and its culture. I have many many other interests as life is too short to keep it small, however this page is about most importantly great massages!
And music…well music keeps us sane. I Have grown up around the band scene in Adelaide and Melbourne and also London and France…I think live music does feed the soul so to combine massage and music within a profession sounds great to me.
It’s a great privilege to join the Dr. Dot team and look forward to the ride.