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my name is Bethany. I was raised by my mom who dealt with the constant paid from Fibromyalgia. From working on her, I developed the skill to do deep massage. When I started massage school I already had the depth needed for deep tissue massage. Since then I have fine tuned my work. I enjoy working on clients that allow deep work so improvement takes place. I can also do relaxation, but I prefer my clients to walk away with sustained health improvement. I have yet to find a person I couldn’t work deep enough! 

I attended Alexandar’s School of Natural Therapeutics from 2006 to 2007. I was pregnant during school which put me behind a bit. While finishing all the loose ends, I had my second child. Long story short, I’ve been licensed since September 2010. Due to being pregnant during school, I developed a passion for pregnancy massage. Seeing the benefits a pregnant woman and her unborn child receive from massage is amazing. In addition to that, from all the work I did on my mom and wanting to alleviate her pain, I had my goal: to do deep work on people with constant pain and pregnant women! 

I worked for a short while at a massage clinic in town doing auto injury and L&I claims. I learned a lot, but it just wasn’t for me. I work best being able to do my own style. I still do auto claims, but definitely not my favorite. I currently own my own business and am excited to be part of the Dr. Dot team. 

I have a passion for music, more so creating music. I grew up singing and playing piano (self taught) and then at age 19 decided I needed to add the guitar (again, self taught) to my list of creating music! My spare time includes: being a mom and wife, playing guitar, piano and singing. I enjoy exploring the beautiful NW. When I’m not in Tacoma, I am normally found in Cannon Beach, OR. 

I believe passion is what separates the good from the awesome! Massage is not just a job to me but a lifestyle. If you’re in the Seattle area, and want more than just a good massage, let me know! 

See ya soon,