24/7 Massage delivery service in Los Angels, California


A massage with me can be as strong as you might want, as calming and blissful as you desire, or a blend of both. I am here to create the best and most effective massage experience possible for you. I have been doing this for a quite awhile, actually more than half of my life. I am located in Hollywood. I can go to you, or you can come to me. 

My massage work has taken me across the United States and Japan multiple times with various recording artists, as well as to the jungles of Central Mexico with the Flying Doctors of Mercy. I have worked at leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles. I work extensively with performers to attain and maintain peak performance, physical balance and deep relaxation. 

I became a massage therapist as a teenager, while I was a professional dancer working on the TV show Fame. As a dancer, I already knew exactly what most performers wanted in a massage, usually something pretty deep, with a compassionate touch and a good amount of soothing silence. 

My specialties include:

  • Deep tissue
  • Reflexology/Shiatsu
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Traditional Swedish
  • Reiki / energy balancing
  • TMJ release
  • Sciatic nerve relaxation techniques
  • Pre and post natal massage
  • Pranayama breathing techniques
  • Blissful hypnotic relaxation (upon request)

In addition to massage therapy, in 1997 I became a certified surgical assistant. I have assisted almost every type of surgery but mainly Neuro surgery. Yes, I have done brain surgery (it is amazing) I did that for 7 years. Ultimately, I found that I prefer working with clients one on one. I feel that I can use more of what I have to give in this way. I have taken my fascination of neuroscience into the realm of NLP, and became certified in hypnotherapy. We can draw upon this to deepen your experience during your treatment if you like. 

I believe the most important aspect of a massage is to listen to what the client wants, and deliver. It is my pleasure to help you feel even better than you thought possible! 

Things you might not guess about me … 

I have landed a plane, driven a tractor and crewed on an America's cup racing boat. After 6 years of Ballet training with London's Royal Academy of dance, I bought a motorcycle and started fire dancing. I'm a pretty good photographer and have a mad passion for Argentine Tango. I tried surfing but … well, let's just say I was better at brain surgery. 

I look forward to meeting you, Isabelle