Pete the grumpy old cat I am cat-sitting

Pete the meanie who bit me, showing his fangs. He just swatted me when I walked by. He has ATTITUDE.. owner Anthony is busy DOG sitting for Arturo Vega (our mutual life long friend) so I offered to cat sit for him so he doesn't have to go back and forth. BAD IDEA.

Pete came up onto the sofa and was affectionately rubbing against me and when I reached out to pet him he violently bit me, like he snapped on me!! CRAZY CAT! I prefer dogs, nuff said!! I had to go to the emergency room tonight to get a Tetanus shot and anti-biotics. The Doc said "that must be one BIG cat!!" as the bit goes from one side of my arm around to the other (you can't see the other two puncture wounds on other side) . THIS cures me of wanting a cat, not doing it.