Real Swedish Massage in Philly, PA

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My name is Lars and I recently moved from my native Sweden to the US with my family to pursue the American Dream! 

I've been working as a professional masseur since January 2009 after retaining my license with the European Massage Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. 

I have always been into sports from a young age, starting with basketball and went onto handball which I later also coached, so training and the body have always been a great interest. I found massage fascinating and interesting and found I have a talent for it, so I decided to follow that path after giving up my own chauffeur company and here I am! 

Back home I had my own successful business and have helped many with their ailments ranging from headaches, neck pains, back pains etc to just a relaxing massage after a days work. I also worked as head masseur with our local hockey team. My other great passion in life is music! I have been to hundreds of gigs over the years, I have an impressive CD collection and have done some DJ work for fun as I love music so much. So working for Dr. Dot is just the best combination in the world for me: massage and music, can it get any better than that? 

Here are the areas I work in:

Classic massage

Sitting down massage

Advanced deep massage (Finnish massage)

Anatomy & physiology

Stretching exercises

Acute injury treatment

Work injury treatment

Head- and face massage

Trigger points

Relaxation massage

I am regarded as a friendly, quiet, hard working, respectful person with a calm nature. I am flexible, easy to reach and I don’t mind driving distances or working crazy hours. I have no problem in following instructions and am eager to finish my work with a satisfied customer. Making you feel good is very important to me! 

I look forward to hearing from you!