No wonder the world hates Americans……..shit like THIS happens..Collateral Murder

Nicholas Liber says:

" The fact that a bunch of crazy baldheads are flying over a foreign city (in this case Bagdad) in a foreign country (Iraq) deliberately shooting down everything that moves, even those who go for help to the wounded (!!!), while behaving as if this is only a jolly innocent video game that involves no real lives of real people, well, that's totally beyond my understanding of what means to be human. By any definition, these guys are clearly cold blood murderers – as are also those who gave them the education, the means and the right to do so.
The argument that "those boys are under a lot of stress" does not really mean a thing. Firstly, because they are professionals who get highly paid for doing their job correctly (so no stress is allowed here) and, secondly, even if we consider that this invasion of Iraq is indeed a real war, all international treaties & laws strictly forbid the killing of civilians.
So, IMO, ALL these criminals (who give America an awful name) should be taken immediately to court on war crime charges (at least) and face death penalty.
Regarding "bad" Americans: For sure, it would be terribly naive to blame ALL Americans for those atrocities, simply because NOT all Americans are the same (in the same way that not all Europeans or all Iraqis, etc, are the same).
However, we often come across a certain arrogant attitude which seems to be quite wide-spread among many Americans that tend to see other peoples as "shit-hole countries and cultures". Now, everyone in the world (except those illiterate Americans) can see that this twisted idea of theirs is due to a misleading approach clearly based on bias, ignorance and stupidity. In general, there's no problem with one being a stupid and ignorant brat. Yet, it is exactly due to this bias, ignorance and stupidity that an alibi and a free pass is offered to atrocities like the ones we watched on the video.
So, perhaps it would be somewhat useful for those kinds of Americans to reexamine the ways they look at the world and how they feel towards the rest of humanity. 'Cause, they like it or not, we are all on the very same damn globe and screwing everyone up for kicks is definitely NOT a feasible solution in the (not very) long run."