Massage in Houston, Texas

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Hello There – My name is Linda K. and there are two passions in my life – The Blues and Therapeutic Massage Therapy.  

In 2009, I was elected President of the Houston Blues Society, which keeps me involved in the study, research and preservation of the blues culture unique to Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.  I am a member of the Blues Foundation.  I promote blues music education, performance and archiving activities.  I am the Webmaster for the Society and past Treasurer.  

My other passion is Massage Therapy.  It is my objective in every session to create an experience where you have forgotten your worries and have escaped from the pain, stress and hurry in your life.  Or, if you need a rejuvenating experience, I can deliver that as well with pre-event sports massage techniques.  I strive to meet the expectation of every client.  My intuition is keen and my endurance is exceptional.  I love to work deep into the tissue and know how to release tension with finesse.   And, then soothe it out with the long strokes of Swedish massage – the perennial favorite.  

Clients from around the world have told me many times that my technique is exceptional.   My knowledge and practice of Qigong healing techniques will enhance your massage experience.  I truly believe that exceptional health is advanced though the skillful application of massage therapy and bodywork techniques. I experienced a transformation with massage therapy and I look forward to transforming your life, too! 

When you’re coming to Houston, contact Dr. Dot.  Let her know that you want the very best massage in Houston by Linda K. and always remember, “The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock ‘n Roll.”