The busier I get, the less time I have to sit down and blog. I use twitter much more often now as it is faster, easier and my blackberry is always with me. 

Lots going on lately, it's insane. I reconciled with long time gal pal Chris Myers, which I am very pleased about. I lost my dog Frankie (he was put down without my permission/knowledge) and I have lots of friends from out of town hanging around lately too. NO FREE TIME at all but somehow it suits me. 


My good friend G.A (only giving out his initials) is in town and we shall go to our favorite tattoo artist later so he can get more work done on his and I can talk to Paul Booth about the next one I want to get (a Beatles tattoo). Always fun to hang out with G.A. Face hurts from smiling after wards.

Wednesday I will go and massage and watch the Moody Blues- one of my all time favorite bands. I have seen them many times in concert and I never get bored. LOVE THEM. 

Thursday will be all about work and working out. Friday I will go massage and greet two bands my team have been working with for a few years now; Rehab and Uncle Kracker. I have NO clue what their music sounds like, but they have been loyal clients of mine for years. I love meeting the peeps I have known for so long online, finally, in person. 


I have been looking at several apartments lately- I need more space. I need an office space and a more privacy. I NEED SPACE. I miss my flat in Berlin dearly but I do NOT miss having to apologize every fucking day for being an American. Jesus fucking CHRIST, are you kidding me? People STILL judge you on where you were born? FUCK RIGHT OFF please. I have run out of energy to defend myself in Berlin. The Berliners LOATHE AMERICANS and I just can't/won't take it any longer. WISH I had come to this conclusion BEFORE I spent LOADS renovating my new Berlin flat. I am such an idiot sometimes when it comes to making up my mind. FUCK!!!!!!!


I turned my massage team into an official business now "Dr. Dot Therapy LLC". I absolutely fucking HATE paper work so a well paid accountant is helping with that. Thank GAWD. Libra's and paper work get along like water and oil. PFFFFFFFT! 

In January I had really made up my mind to get a flat in Liverpool and hang out there sometimes rather than Berlin BUT NYC and the people around me have made me feel so much at home, I just love it now. I do not feel like an outsider like I do in Berlin. Here I fit in like a fish in water. This is my style. Fast paced, ambitious, hard working, FUN and exciting. Productive people all around me, who love to work. Always something to do (and eat) how can you not like it? 


Perhaps I just have a knack for falling in love with the place I am at the time. Who knows. I love life so much I can hardly sleep. VERY gutted about my dog but what can I do? I guess I shouldn't get another one as I don't want to be responsible for another animal having the same fate. UGH.


It is 7am, I really have to sleep. Remember a while back I blogged about how great google sync was? Well that was pretty much the last time the fucker worked for me so I have yet another pesky problem on my hands, syncing my crackberry with my MAC. I know people (including me) have bigger problems, but these tiny problems seem to gnaw at you innit?


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R.I.P Frankie :(


"Dot, I have something terrible to tell you and I know it is going to hurt. It is with heavy heart that I tell you that we had to put Frankie down. Around the holidays he attacked Athena and nearly killed her. The vet told us to contact the dog warden and that we had to quarentine him for 3 weeks. By then things had started up with the new children

and Frankie went on the back burner. Wednesday night the dogs were out on the deck eating as it was a nice day. Tom went to let them in and saw that Frankie had attacked Athena (the 14 year old tiny dog) again. He broke them up and crated them both as the children were watching all this.

There was blood all over the deck. Athena was crying out in her crate and we tried to keep the children away. After they went to bed we checked on Athens injuries and discover that she died of her injuries. We weren't agnry at Frankie because he was just doing what dogs do, but we knew we could keep him any longer. In December we tried every rescue league we could find and none would take him. It was long over due and I'd like to think that we gave him a long and love filled life. "



Massage in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD 24/7

Email me at and put "Singh/DC" in the subject line please


My name is Singh. 

 I learnt massage in India in Ayurvedic style which combine the use of herbal oils for various body problems as per ancient studies. I also learnt Tantra, Yoga & meditation for peace.

In US, I studied Massage Therapy & bodywork from Potomac Massage Training Institute, DC. I graduated in 2007 & started working in the Graduate Clinic. I am trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga, Myoskeletal Massage, Hot stones, all types of body scrubs, foot scrubs, facial, head massage, chair massage.

I am impressed by Myoskeletal Massage techniques taught by Dr. Dalton, and find these techniques help me give more relaxation to my clients suffering from pain, stress, tension caused by Sciatica, Fibromyaolgia, Lyme disease etc.

I am also interested in Lomi Lomi Massage which I feel is very grounded. I also learnt to work on clients operated upon for "Breast cancer" and learnt very tender lympathetic massage, which is very compassionate, soothing and relaxing. I try to give customized massage to my clients as per their body problems.

I am available after 3 pm till 3 am all days. I do incalls/outcalls in MD/DC/VA in homes/hotels/spas

Massage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Reach me at and put "Candace/Louisiana in the subject line please


My name is Candace. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Louisiana, working in the Baton Rouge area.  I am very delighted and excited to be a part of the Dr. Dot team.
My massage is defined as deep tissue with a twist. I allow the muscle tissue to lead and guide me when and where to do a special technique. Each and every massage is customized to the client. I don't believe in a "cookie cutter" session. Every "body" is entitled to it's own recipe.
My role as a Massage Therapist is to bring awareness to mind, body, and spirit. I believe that touch is a very powerful and profound healing tool. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my passion. We know that love, health, and happiness are keys to a fulfilled life. As a growing Massage Therapist, I recognize the increased stress in the world. With my help you will be able to perform your work more effectively and efficiently. My goal is to think of every task as an opportunity to challenge my mind and hands.

Massage in Houston, Texas

Reach me at and write "Linda.K/Houston" in the subject line please





Hello There – My name is Linda K. and there are two passions in my life – The Blues and Therapeutic Massage Therapy.  

In 2009, I was elected President of the Houston Blues Society, which keeps me involved in the study, research and preservation of the blues culture unique to Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.  I am a member of the Blues Foundation.  I promote blues music education, performance and archiving activities.  I am the Webmaster for the Society and past Treasurer.  

My other passion is Massage Therapy.  It is my objective in every session to create an experience where you have forgotten your worries and have escaped from the pain, stress and hurry in your life.  Or, if you need a rejuvenating experience, I can deliver that as well with pre-event sports massage techniques.  I strive to meet the expectation of every client.  My intuition is keen and my endurance is exceptional.  I love to work deep into the tissue and know how to release tension with finesse.   And, then soothe it out with the long strokes of Swedish massage – the perennial favorite.  

Clients from around the world have told me many times that my technique is exceptional.   My knowledge and practice of Qigong healing techniques will enhance your massage experience.  I truly believe that exceptional health is advanced though the skillful application of massage therapy and bodywork techniques. I experienced a transformation with massage therapy and I look forward to transforming your life, too! 

When you’re coming to Houston, contact Dr. Dot.  Let her know that you want the very best massage in Houston by Linda K. and always remember, “The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock ‘n Roll.”

Massage in Baltimore, Maryland

Email me at and out "Kerri/Baltimore" in the subject line please 🙂


After retiring from the police department and ending my career as a crime scene investigator (the real CSI), I took classes in massage therapy and discovered a kinder, gentler Kerri. I also discovered that I preferred working with live people as opposed to the dead.

I've been a licensed massage therapist for 4 years now, and I specialize in deep tissue massage and chair massage. I am familiar with the consequences of stress and the negative impact it can have on normal, everyday living, and I've discovered that massage therapy can be a viable alternative to anti-depressants and other medication.

I currently live on a sailboat with my husband and together we plan to see the world on our own terms, traveling with my massage table. Hopefully, I'll sail to a port near you!

Massage in Cincinnati, Ohio

Email me: and put "Karen/Ohio" in the subject line please 🙂


Hi I'm Karen from Cincinnati/Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky. I’ve been working 12 years as a massage therapist. I’ve worked with chiropractors as well as on my own with the Marriott, WWE Wrestling, American Idols, Multiple Sclerosis Bike-a-thon, and celebrities ranging from Olympia Dukakis to Godsmack. I have also worked in rehabilitation and neuromuscular re-ed & as a physical therapy aid.

My technique varies from Myofacial, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Relaxation, Rolfing, Cranio-Sacral, to Reflexology. Through these techniques I can customize my treatment for each client. I look forward to providing a great massage when you're in my area!