Finding lots of cool things

Home in Berlin, getting things done, hanging pictures, going through old photo albums, doing things I didn't want to do when the weather was gorgeous. Now it is below zero and I am staying in so I've lots of time to do the tedious chores one does in the winter.

I found LOTS of old pictures and will share a few with you below. I PLAN on re-writing my whole book (life story) this winter, over Christmas. I love to write, just don't know how to start, where to start, and how I will do the childhood section. Tough call. If I tell the truth folks will think I am exaggerating and looking for pity, but if I do NOT write it, they may think I was born with a silver spoon in mouth and a huge black book full of VIP contacts. Not the case. I will tackle it soon. LOVING the silence of my own flat in Berlin, omfg, am I a freak to love being alone? Guessing yes, I am. I just have so much do to and so many people wanting my time, I really enjoy the down time.

Being able to sleep as late as I want, stay up as late as I want, listen to what I want, have friends over if I want, all the things I can NOT do where I live in the USA. FUCK I too old to be told what to do, really really not cool to have so many restrictions. TINY flat in the USA makes things HELL. Noise travels, can't wake others up, walking on fucking eggshells every day, not amused. SPACE: It's important!!


Picture I took of Johnny in Ellington, CT at the Country Squire bar, where I convince Joey to come and play for me (and my school :). You can see Johnny's typical facial expression- he was not the friendliest people that's for sure. Rest of the band were HILARIOUS and fun though.

 ^  Taken the same night at the Country Squire. The Ramones showed up almost 2 hours late. The cops had pulled them over in New Haven and searched their van, gave them a bunch of SHIT, like CT cops do!! Fucking hate that!! Happens to me when I drive through CT too, wtf!!??? "land of the free"? BULLSHIT. My classmates were taunting me. They thought I was fibbing, that the Ramones weren't really coming (you know how mean young folks can be)  and I was sweatin' bullets. THEN they finally came and blew the roof off, it was AMAZING!!!

Now I have had this picture since I was 15 or so. Joey gave a few of these to me. I have to search to find the rest. Dee Dee also gave me some pictures when he visited me in Berlin, I have to go through ALL of my stuff to find these gems. I can NOT find the picture of my kid and Joey ANYWHERE but I found one of her and Dee Dee taken in Berlin, when he stayed at my flat for a week with his then wife Barbara:

They spent the day coloring- fun times ๐Ÿ™‚


I LOVE the way Dee Dee spells. "Massauge" haha, so cute!! I REALLY miss Joey and Dee Dee too ๐Ÿ™

I am off to get more things done, looking for more hidden treasures 



Oh one last one:

 My Dad me (age 10?) and my sister Michele at Christmas, Bath Maine.