BACK in the sadle again.. he’s baaaaaaack

 from like 1997 ^ taken in Berlin

It has been a long time since I have massaged Steven (Aerosmith ) Tyler, so it was GREAT seeing him again and massage him again. He is by far one of my favorites to work on. He is so positive and fun, I am pretty sure anyone who knows him, loves him. His girlfriend Erin got a massage the next day too. They were both VERY pleased with their massages, so I have been told over and over again by his assistant. 

Steven insisted on tying this scarf on me himself for the picture. He said "I know how to do scarves"  haha. He is so fun! He lives ROCK and ROLL. Some stars dress and act one way on stage and act differently off the stage. With Steven, it's like this, he is exactly like he appears to be, a free spirit with a wild way about him, it's not an act, he is that way. So fucking cool!


Steve said he got those necklaces and beads in Maui. The Turquoise beads, he said, are over 3,000 years old. The tight teeth necklace is made from Raccoon teeth



Steve says this ring has been around the world twice in a shuttle (his friend is an astronaut and brings his ring with him)


Mr. Tyler and his little torch

He uses this to ignite special coals he got in Dubai. The coals

go under incense he got there, and they smell delicious. 



My friend Bri, who does security for Steven, also protected Evil Knievel for more than 15 years. SUPER nice, but fierce man.