Massage in Greensboro and Raleigh North Carolina



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Hi.  My name is Terri.

I I have been doing massage for about 6 years.  I find my career in massage & bodywork very rewarding.  In a world where people are overworked and over scheduled, stressed and fatigued, I find that a little massage lifts their spirit and clears their mind.  It puts a smile on their face, calmness in their mind, and a bounce in their step.  It is my goal to bring this experience to those I touch through massage.

I was born and raised here in North Carolina.  I am the owner of a corporate massage business where the focus is on providing on-site chair massage as part of corporate wellness programs.  Chair massage is one of my favorites!  It is a great way to introduce massage to those who have never experienced it.  Meeting new faces and turning them into massage junkies just by giving them a ten minute chair massage is awesome! 

 I look forward to addressing your massage needs.