Massage in Greensboro and Raleigh North Carolina



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Hi.  My name is Terri.

I I have been doing massage for about 6 years.  I find my career in massage & bodywork very rewarding.  In a world where people are overworked and over scheduled, stressed and fatigued, I find that a little massage lifts their spirit and clears their mind.  It puts a smile on their face, calmness in their mind, and a bounce in their step.  It is my goal to bring this experience to those I touch through massage.

I was born and raised here in North Carolina.  I am the owner of a corporate massage business where the focus is on providing on-site chair massage as part of corporate wellness programs.  Chair massage is one of my favorites!  It is a great way to introduce massage to those who have never experienced it.  Meeting new faces and turning them into massage junkies just by giving them a ten minute chair massage is awesome! 

 I look forward to addressing your massage needs. 

Massage in Denver, Colorado

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 I am Dana and I am originally from Southeast Texas. I am a true practitioner of southern hospitality. I have been in Colorado since December of 2008 and I consider this my home away from home!
I am a small town girl born into a family of country musicians. I grew up listening to Hank Williams Sr., Ray Price, Johnny Cash and my  grandma belt out Ernest Tubbs’ ‘Waltz across Texas ’. My fondest childhood memories include listening to my dad play the steel guitar and my brother sing and play guitar on the back porch, family jam sessions! Country music will always have a place in my heart, but as I got older I explored my tastes in music and realized that I truly love good music from all genres!
I believe a therapeutic massage can relieve many physical ailments and ease emotional stress. My personal style is a deep tissue, relaxation massage. My massage will leave you mentally refreshed as well as physically relaxed and worked out! I have a comforting touch and the healing hands of a true therapist.
You will not be disappointed!

Massage in Stuttgart, Germany

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My name is Katja (pronounced Cat-ya). Already from child's legs I massaged with pleasure and had the feeling to be able to do my person by my  touches of property. In 2005 I began the education in the certificate sports-and wellness masseuse in the accredited technical school "artofbalance" in Frankfurt which I in 2008 successfully closed.

I adapt my massage always to the needs of the respective client. It is discussed before which pressure quality is welcome. For me massage is more than kneading, spannings solve and exercise technologies. My massage is a touch at all levels: Body, mind, and soul. The hands are the tools of the soul.

Everything what I have read about Dr. Dot Team, has appealed to me directly. Thus I have immediately applied with her. She arranged a meeting with her assistant Wolfgang and to me and thus I went to Frankfurt and massaged there Wolfgang. He was very contented and transmitted this judgment also to Dr. Dot. Now I am a proud member of the Dr. Dot Team.

Off to NYC

Flying in about 7 hours to NYC, will SURELY miss Berlin badly, but I am looking forward to seeing Jasmine and other assorted friends and loved ones. Cross fingers for me that the plane makes it ok, still afraid of flying


 Dr. Dot



Massage and Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts

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Licensed Massage Therapist
Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Reiki Master
Hi there! My name is Jaime.  I have been practicing massage and other healing therapies since April 2006.  I attended the SpaTech Institute in Plymouth, MA for massage and became a yoga teacher through Open Doors’ Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in Weymouth, MA.  I enjoy combining My various skills to create a unique session for the client, which is designed according to their own specific needs and expectations.  I believe it is important to provide some tools for clients to tap into their own innate ability to heal.  I absolutely love what I do and hope to radiate that outward into my practice.  I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Postnatal and Hot Stone Massage.  I also do energetic work, which includes Reiki, Polarity, Reflexology, and Ear Candling.  I also am available for Private and Semi-Private Yoga sessions.

Massage in Amsterdam, Holland


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Hello! My name is Maria, born and raised in Colombia then moved to United States where I learn massage and therapeutic work in 2001. In my search for growth, I travelled overseas to discover new landscapes and cultures… Living in Amsterdam now, enjoying this beautiful city and carrying on my passion and practice through the healing power of touch!

My area of expertise is Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Stretching and Trigger Points, the ideal combination for deep tissue therapeutic treatments. I am also trained in Reflexology, relaxation techniques and energy work. For several years I practiced Taiko -traditional Japanese drumming, a martial art as well as a powerful instrument which philosophy taught me discipline, strength and confidence in life and everything I do.

Helping others has always brought big fulfillment to my life, and massage has been and continues to be the greatest instrument to my purpose. It’s greatly satisfying to be part of Dr. Dot’s team of healers and I look forward to working with you!