Massage in Denver Colorado

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My name is Sarah, and I am delighted to be part of Dr. Dot's amazing team consisting of the best masseurs worldwide. I come to you from the Mile High city in colorful Colorado. I began my massage career here, obtaining my Associates of Occupational Studies degree from the 'Boulder College of Massage Therapy,' in Boulder Colorado.

Massage to me is all encompassing. It opens us up to many of the wonderful possibilities of life, and is a therapy for the Mind and Soul, just as much as the Body. Massage has been a passion of mine from the start; and I am able to continuously grow as a therapist and person, because of this amazing field and the wonderful people I have met thus far. Five years in and I am yearning for more.

So What is my specialty? Outstanding massage of course!

I provide an outstanding massage, using various modalities and techniques, tailored towards each clients' specific needs. Just ask and I shall provide.
Be Well!