Massage in State College Pennsylvania


I'm Angie and I have been practicing massage therapy since I was 15 and certified since I was 22. My first "client" was my friend Pudge, who was the high school’s third baseman. Pudge was a big boy and I thought if I could massage him, I could massage anyone. I went to massage school after I graduated from Penn State. I learned about my massage school because it's in State College, the town surrounding Penn State, and decided I would attend when I finished college.

I've been backstage to offer massages since 2003 when my good neighbor/chiropractor Dr. Joe connected me with John Mayer’s two-day stop at Penn State University. I've worked for many awesome shows and concerts in Pennsylvania and Virginia since then.

I learned of Dr. Dot when I worked with New Kids on the Block in March of 2009. I thought it was really cool Def Leppard was the first band she massaged.  They are my favorite and I had the privilege to work with them when they were on tour with Journey. I auditioned with Catherine in June and was very excited to join the team in July.  

I have my own business in State College, I am the massage therapist for many Penn State sports teams and I am a proud single mother, so I'm very busy. However, I'm willing to travel to most places in PA, VA, WV, NJ and anywhere in MD, DC, and NYC. I love to go to places I never visited before and going on tour is awesome. I also love to meeting new and exciting people.  

If you would like to book a massage session with me, email me at and put "Angie/PA" in the subject line, thanks.