Colon Cleansing and all that shit (don’t read while eating)

I remember sitting with all my Russian girlfriends in Berlin years ago at one of the 5 star restaurants they picked out in Grunewald talking about Colon Cleansing. I am guessing they were all a few years older than I, most were my clients, as they came to me for cellulite massage treatments but we never discussed age. In fact I think discussing one's age or anyone's age is fucking stupid. Who cares how old anyone is really.

Back to the ass cleaning- they all talked about their last colon cleansing and when it came to my turn to dish I just had this pale look, this lost expression on m face as I was an ass cleaning virgin. I told them I have never done that and they ALL stopped talking and looked at me as if I just said I cut up babies and put them in my garbage disposal every night. “WHAT!??? THAT IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!”