Massage in Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Hi, my name is German and although I am Spanish I work for Dr. Dot based in Glasgow.
I have been undertaking massage related studies for the last three years and find myself very focused on this topic. My qualifications include Body Massage and Reflexology. I enjoy working in this industry extremely much and feel very enthusiastic about being able to help others in this matter.
Joining my passion for massage with music seemed the perfect combination for me, so when I found out about Dr. Dot’s services on the Internet I applied in no time. I’ve been training Tae Kwon do since I was a child so I always feel the urge to physically challenge myself. The pleasure I get out of doing my job gets easily passed on to those who I work with. I am capable of very deep pressure massage, and therefore very effective outcome.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email per: (please put "German/Glasgow" in the subject line)