Letter from reader, regarding Frank Zappa and the whole ZFT fiasco

Dear Dr. Dot


You are one of my friends on Myspace.
I am relating the energy you put into the Zappa fiasco.
Right now my name is Blue Sky.

The reason I sent a message through email.
I have free dial up and excellent computer machines.
Can not send you a private message on myspace
Your page takes forever to load in with the graphics. (fine with me)

It would take me a long time to post a comment.
I also don't want the whole world to know.
So forgive me while messaging through this way.

BIG Business:
Mr. Frank Zappa had set up the people to produce the rest of his music after he
died. (I know this)
Gail and Family crumbled down the solid business Zappa left behind.
Slowly getting rid of people until they had an idea. Dweezil carries on the

The biggest mistake the family made was to have that big auction of the vaults!
Zappa had set everything up to continue. The ZFT could have made a museum
rather than sell.
As far as Gail goes and the kids. They should have been letting Zappa's system

Now there is insane challenges and collateral destruction of the system set up.
They are wasting there own money and not continuing with the wise plan of Zappa.
What if the government was involved???? Maybe.
(They should be producing more of the vaults now corrupted, What a shame)

Zappa left a gift when he died. All the people who where selected to play his
music should play it.
Like a spiral of endless energy forming a world of truth and mystic knowledge.
Harmony of the stars, Life and space.
He built this to give back.

To all he cared about.

Thank you Dr.Dot for your strength and promise.

All good medicine.

(I have said all I can)
Gail should have done.
1. Keep zappa's plan alive.
2. create a museum.
3. Publish the works left behind.
4. Let everyone play his music.
5. Be friends with a vast community who cares about the message left behind.

All of us.

Love ya,