Happy Spanksgiving



 my favorite myspace thanksgiving comments so far  innit cute?


AMAZING: I got up at 7:00 am yesterday (went to bed at 8:30 pm night before) so, could it be? I have become a day person? Stay tuned. Got up at 11am this morning (as if you give a shit) and I am just trying to cram this blog in real fast while my cutie pie Jasmine sleeps in (those late sleepers, Pffft!) ha ha. She means the world to me. How could ANYONE be mean to their own child? I don't understand it when I read about child abuse (and I suffered it too as a child). I just don't get it. A tiny person who looks a bit like you, who only wants to show you love? How can you beat that? (literally). Purrrrrrrrr. Let it be known, she is my true love, my family (heart is melting like butter left out over night as I write this).

Anyhow, I met with my literary Agent last night, to discuss a few upcoming book projects (as if I have time), but I do have to shit out a few books before I get Alzheimers and grow too old to fucking remember all of this rock and roll trivia and all of those events that I have taken part of (or created). A massage book and a few sex advice books are coming out too eventually. Bring it on I say. If I feel good blogging, imagine how light my head will feel after getting a few books out? Being about to clear up some of that memory space on my brains hard-drive. 


Anyhow, I have to blog properly soon, just like Bruce Almighty, how he hears voices in his head when he doesn't answer all those prayers, well, my thoughts get super loud too if I don't write/blog. I do ENOUGH writing actually, answering the 1,000 plus emails per day, (I am way behind right now) but it's not the kind of writing I like to do. I know Thanksgiving is only an American thingy, but it is one of the best Holidays, you try and hang out with those you can stand/love and eat like a pig, what's not to like?

I suppose, though, if you are alone and one of those people who get lonely or bored (I never get lonely or bored so I try to understand those feelings), I can imagine the Holidays simply make you FEEL left out. See why I loathe the Holidays? I am Dr. Grinch. 

Christmas makes me especially ill. I fucking hate it. UGH! And last night as I stood naked in my bathroom painting my eye lashes, getting ready to go to meeting, the classic rock station here (104.3) played Bruce Springsteen's 'Santa Claus is coming to town". It actually pissed me off. Give it a REST will ya, it's still NOVEMBER, not even Thanksgiving (well, last night wasn't yet). WTF? They cram that xmas shit down your throat, and the pressure is on to buy buy BUY!. Not having it. You can't prove your love by buying anything for anyone. Just try not to be a cunt all year long and you won't have to over do it at Christmas time. Oh my, her language is ATROCIOUS!. Go wash your mouth out with soap!!! (who said that?) You? 


ha ha, gotta go, my cutie pie is waking up, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



This is just a few hours before they started to slaughter the unsuspecting Indians ^