Tiny up date

Regarding the Jimmy Carl Black memorial concert recently in London, from our friend and fellow Frank Zappa fan, Dave:


A concert for Jimmy in London certainly rocked.
Everyone in the place was so friendly that it seemed to be more like a party
where everyone knew each other, though they didn’t but soon did as it was very
laid-back and friendly, also packed out, which was nice.

It was sad at times with many a tear being shed but it then went into party and
music overdrive and rocked.
Even the security staff boogied!

Anyway, thought I would tell you as I know, in my heart, you were there in
spirit and I drank a few beers for you by proxy!!!

All the best,


Andrew has done a write-up at: http://www.idiotbastard.com/reviews.htm "


Also, I filled my gas tank up last night, er, this morning at 4am and my jaw hit the floor when the man told me I owed him $23!! WHAT?? This is half price of what it was a month a go. Obama is already having a great effect on the USA, yay!!