Liverpool and Love letters

Went to a soccer match last night (it's now 8:25 am and I am still up). Liverpool vs Hertha (Berlin's home team). The score was 0-0 so everyone went home happy; erm, drunk. I didn't drink anything as they only served beer and coke. Never drank a beer in my life, not gonna start now. I took many pictures and even made a video, but they will have to wait a few days to make it on here as I am swamped, as usual. 

I found out the karaoke stripper is Swedish (karaoke bar owner Ron emailed me and told me). No wonder. Those folks LOVE to be naked. ha. The sun has made a brief appearance, so maybe we will finally get a taste of summer here. Not whining, mind you, I like it like this. If it's too hot, the men get too horny and people get cranky, or crankier I should say.

So glad Karadzic was found. Hope they fry his ass in the electric chair. All those people (over 8,000) he had killed. UGH!! Nightmare!! Anyways, the construction workers are already outside my window, making noise, so I have to try to get some sleep now. Tonight was lots of fun, will spill guts asap.