Berlin is HAPPENIN’ right now


I find myself writing over things in the wrong order, but it's the best I can do. I am so busy, it's pathetic. I have been in Berlin 8 days and haven't even unpacked. In fact, I just stayed packed and flew last Thursday to Cologne to stay at the Grand Hyatt ("in a hotel over looking the Rhein" Roger Waters). Incubus, a touring band that has been together for 17 years ( I was shocked when they told me that) has been using my massage team for AGES. The guitarist Michael is a self proclaimed "massage junkie" who was using my LA team for a year before I even knew he was in a band. He is so low key and cool, my team LOVES HIM!


Anyways, my Dortmond based massage assistant, Lissy was so eager to work at ROCK am RING I decided to pull some big strings and offer Incubus free massages for bringing Lissy and I to the festival with them. I am now sure they would have gladly paid, but I wanted to show my gratitude to them for being such amazing clients over the years.

So I flew to Cologne and Lissy met me at the airport. It was our first time meeting and I was amazed at how much better she looks in person than she does in pictures, not that it matters at all, but you know how some just look better in person and then there are some who look better in pictures.. she is the kind that looks breathtaking in person but the pics don't do her justice. I guess that is a spiritual kind of thing, the 'you have to be there in the moment with me' kind of thing her persona radiates.  


Lissy and I got cleaned up for dinner with the Incubus guys and some of Rage against the Machine that were staying in the same hotel. It was super fun. Incubus singer Brandon could do stand up comedy he is so fucking witty. The whole band is super cool, very tight family vibe. Tom of Rage against he machine is fun to talk to. When I asked him about Frank Zappa, he admitted "Oh, Frank is WAY over my head". Of course he is darling. He went on to say he LOVES Steve Vai; that Steve is his guitar idol. 

I have LOADS more pictures and stuff to write, but haven't the time right now, I have to go massage Joe Jackson. Will try to update later..



 Incubus singer Brandon Boyd with Lissy ^ 


Brandon is hilarious and very down to earth.  


Michael is a massage WHORE. He gets more massages than any other client of ours. We LOVE people like Michael. No matter what country, state, city he is in, he always wants a massage. Michael was actually getting massages from my team for a whole year before I even found out he was in a rock band. Very low key. Super sweet and plays a mean guitar (Incubus Guitarist). 



Some call this cutie ^ The English Eminem because they are both white and rap. His music is different though, sometimes there's a tad of techno or reggae sound.. he is super energetic on stage and his band rocks. Their guitarist and I talk about our love for Jimi Hendrix for ages.


  It was great seeing Gavin again, who used to front the band BUSH but is now doing great with his solo band. I am sure he was missing Gwen (Stefani) and his baby boy. Wonder when the Gwen will give birth to their second child..(should be any day now)


  Two things about these Gene pics you should know (1) Those are not gray hairs around his face, he had just washed off his KISS face makeup and missed some of the white paint. Perhaps he may have some gray hair, but that is not gray, it's white from the paint

(2) He is holding the itinerary for the next day. Each band gets a newsletter/update shoved under their door, or wedged in their door each night from their tour manger to  (a) remind them where the fuck they are (b) to tell them what their plan is for the following day.

 Wanted to clarify those things as I have received a few comments on myspace about both things..