Whaling Scandal exposed!!

We've said for a long time that Japan's so-called research program is actually commercial whaling in a flimsy disguise. But today, we have the evidence in our hands.

After a four-month long undercover investigation, Greenpeace exposed evidence of widespread embezzlement of whale meat occurring right under the noses of the public officials who run the whaling program.

The best cuts of whale meat, used to make whale bacon, are smuggled into crew cabins, preserved in salt, and then shipped home in boxes marked "cardboard" or "salted stuff" to be sold on the black market. Greenpeace intercepted one such box — worth up to $3,000.

Greenpeace has evidence that more than a ton of whale meat was snuck from the whaling ship this year alone. One of our sources claims to have heard a crew member boast of building a house on the proceeds from his illegal take.

And, after all of this, we're still supposed to believe that the hunt is all in the name of scientific research to help the whales? Come on! Nobody is buying that line anymore.

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Now is the time to rock the boat in Japan. The whaling program has been an embarrassment to Japan's Foreign Affairs department all year. Your letters helped cancel the humpback hunt – and now in the spotlight of this scandal, it's time to cancel the rest.

Take action and send a message to the Prime Minister asking him to end whaling for good! We need your help to put an end to "research" whaling once and for all.

For the whales