Dr. Dot the cover girl of Penthouse Forum May issue 2008

It hit newsstands two days ago, yet I can't find one.. my friends who are looking for a copy in the city say it's too dirty for normal magazine shops yet not dirty enough for dirty magazine shops..lol.. I am proud to have my column called "Calling Dr. Dot" (a nod to the Kiss song Calling Dr. Love) in Penthouse Forum. They do it the right way. Introducing their new columnist with a cover story and all Kiss  yay!  I know some will snicker and make comments like "that is so unethical to be a massage therapist AND *gasp* write about sex" oh fucking well. Your little secrets come out while you are at the hairdresser,  and your BIG secrets come out during a massage. I got good at giving love advice over the years, due to all of my experiences and hearing other peoples experiences (hell, watching my Mother while growing up taught me enough to be a qualified sex therapist lol). 


Anyhow, I am super proud to have my column in Penthouse Forum. Hope you pick up a copy and let me know what you think.. here is the cover so you can find it