Nice quote

I received hundreds of comments and emails about the posting I made about how much shit an American gets here in Berlin and the best quote so far was this one 

"res​pon​din​g neg​ati​vel​y to the​ neg​ati​ve rem​ark​s cau​ses​ it to per​sis​t. the​ peo​ple​ who​ mak​e tho​se rem​ark​s to you​ are​n't​ say​ing​ any​thi​ng abo​ut you​, the​y are​ tel​lin​g you​ abo​ut the​m..​"


There were HUNDREDS of people writing about how if the Americans didn't make the air bridge, the Berliners would have starved to death, etc… and there were a few Berliners writing me arguing that Berliners aren't that bad. But I have to laugh when I read the quote Goethe made in the 1700's about how miserable and mean the Berliners were, even back then, so it's obviously not just my opinion (or was Goethe just a liar?)


"Es lebt in Berlin ein so verwegener Menschenschlag beisammen,
dass man mit der Delikatesse nicht weit reicht, sondern dass man
Haare auf den Zähnen haben und mitunter etwas grob sein muss, um
sich über Wasser zu halten."

Goethe, May 1778