Amazing Massage in Melbourne

I hope I look fit like Madonna ^ when I am 50. Holy crap!

Lenny Kravitz is in town (Berlin) hope he wants a massage tomorrow before or after his show. LOVE his drummer Cindy, she is my favorite part of the band (hey, love the band, but Cindy fucking RAWKS!). I heard Lenny quit smoking; good thing as FINALLY the smoking ban has swept over Berlin. YAY!!!

 Just as I was about to move to NYC permanently, they enforce a smoking ban…hmmmm, makes Berlin hard to leave. That, and the grumpy look on the Berliner's faces was what made me hate it here, but if I can go out and return home without blood red eyes, hair, clothes, purse and shoes FUMING of cigarette smoke, it's actually great here. The grumpy attitude; well that takes getting used to. When the sun shines, folks do smile..too bad it rarely shines here lol.


Spending WAY too much online lately, but obviously not blogging properly..instead, I am organizing massages for several rock bands that are currently touring. This takes A LOT of coordinating; never knew I would get into logistics like my ol' buddy Alan Dunn of the Stones. Gotta be on the ball for such things. "Hi, my name is Dot. I am a work-o-holic" Funny, it doesn't seem like work, I love it. yay!



Looky here ^ That's Emma. She is now a Dr. Dot assistant in Melbourne, Australia. So now I have Denise and Emma sorting out my clients down under. I be pimpin'  Wink

Read what Emma has to say about herself and if you are down under or heading there and want a seriously KICK ASS massage, email me.



"Hi, I’m Emma and I am based in Melbourne, Australia having recently immigrated from the UK. My passions in life are people, travel, music and massage. I have been massaging my way around the world for many years now and I love what I do. When I heard about Dr Dot, I was very keen to be part of her growing team. I have been brought up around music from a young age. My mum is a massive Rolling Stones and Zeppelin fan so this was a great musical education to grow up with. My sister and I have been regulars at gigs and festivals from our teens.  After a successful audition with Roddy in London – he described my massage as ‘world class’ – I was honoured to be asked to be part of the Dr Dot team.

I have ITEC diplomas in Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Pregnancy Massage and went onto learn Soft Tissue Release (STR) and Deep Tissue Massage with the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM).
Experience and specialist training has taught me what clients expect from a massage treatment, and consequently what clients need and deserve. I feel confident that I offer the highest standard of massage due to the professional manner in which treatments are delivered, in terms of skill, knowledge and understanding. My massage style combines fluid and soothing techniques using great strength resulting in an extremely pleasurable experience. You'll feel a deep sense of relaxation whilst I effectively treat your aches and pains simultaneously. My clients frequently tell me that it is the best massage they have ever experienced.

I have massaged my way all over the world, including working winter seasons in both the French Alps and UTAH in the USA. Massaging in ski resorts is a great way to gain varied experience and work with injuries commonly associated with winter sports. I have also worked in the Greek Islands during the summer months as a massage therapist at a watersports and sailing club.

I am looking forward to working with Dr Dot’s clients as part of her team in Australia."