SOS! Speak Out to Save Sea Lions

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is considering allowing the states of Washington and Oregon to kill California sea lions at the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River in a misguided attempt to protect endangered salmon from being eaten by the sea lions.

NMFS’s proposal would allow Washington and Oregon to capture and lethally inject or shoot as many as 85 sea lions each year. According to the Environmental Assessment (EA) this proposal is the NMFS’s “preferred option.”

This crisis over endangered salmon and hungry sea lions is just one example of what happens when humans degrade an ecosystem. Please tell NMFS to choose a more effective and humane way to protect endangered salmon.

Comments are needed by February 19. So please don’t delay — take action and you may be able to avert this tragedy.


Historically, salmon lived in abundance with sea lions and other predators on the Pacific Coast. That is, in abundance until recent decades, when overfishing, dam construction, logging, modification of rivers and streams, destruction of spawning beds, and other human activities imperiled their populations.

Born Free USA united with API believes that using sea lions as a scapegoat won’t save salmon populations in the long run.


How you can help…

Email, write or fax Garth Griffin….. 


  (Comments must be received by February 19, 2008!)

Garth Griffin
Protected Resources Division
1201 NE Lloyd Boulevard, suite 1100
Portland, OR 97232


and write something along the lines of:


"I am appalled at the plans to remove Sea Lions.
Please choose a more effective and humane way to protect endangered salmon!
Please do NOT mess with the delicate balance of our ecosystem"