Punk Rock is still alive and well in NYC

It's always fun to drop by Arturo's loft. After all, I have been dropping by in and sleeping over at Mr. Vega's lower East Side place since I was 15 years old. Artie always has new Ramones goodies, like these expensive collector's item skulls below. He is the Art Director of the Ramones and designed every Ramones album ever made, even the famous eagle with baseball bat logo on the skull at the right, in the picture below.

If you are really curious about Arturo and haven't heard of him before, just google: Arturo Vega. He is famous amongst the Ramones fans and alumni, etc. They signed their first ever record contract in his loft, so it's legendary and still an exciting place to hang. To know Artie is to love him.  


The loft is adorned with numerous art pieces by various artist, like Dee-Dee Ramone for example. He had a wild imagination, as you can see from the paintings below:


When Dee Dee came to Berlin, he stayed at my flat with his then wife Barbara. They spent an absurd amount of time coloring in fact (with crayons!). Lots of fun indeed. Did you ever read Dee Dee's book  "Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones" ? He is so cute; didn't have enough funds to edit it, so it's unedited and hilarious!



Arturo (on the right) and his room mate James (middle) and his lovely sister (was visiting from San Fran)

Picture I took of a picture hanging on Arturo's bedroom wall ^ Johnny Ramone & Arturo YEARS ago. Look how HOT Arturo looks! He is older now, but still looks healthy, fit and much younger than he really is.  Notice Johnny looks miserable, as usual.


So after hanging at the loft for a while, Arturo, Jasmine and I all went to a ^ book release party at the Alphabet City bar, 'Manitoba's' to honor the "Official Punk Rock book of lists" by Handsome Dick Manitoba & Amy Wallace.  The party was packed with familiar faces and lots of ambitious artists, writers, photographers and other folks in the music & literary world. I found a review of the party online, click  HERE to read it.  Handsome Dick is also the singer of the Dictators and a radio personality.

( I HIGHLY recommend clicking that link to read their report of the event, it's much more thorough than mine πŸ™‚ 

Dick, me and his gorgeous British born wife, Zoe ^  

Zoe is so incredibly sexy, you just get pulled in by her piercing blue eyes and luminous skin, then she seals the deal with her charming English accent and contagious smile. She was "thrilled" to meet me and shrieked loudly when introduced "Dr. Dot!? I know you, I've read your column for AGES! I LUV YOU Dr. Dot!" and proceeded to whisk me around, introducing me to new people and  people that already knew me, but I didn't know yet, like Eric, the Managing Editor of Penthouse Forum/Girls of Penthouse, who reminded me we already know each other from a 2 hour phone interview for a piece the Penthouse Forum did on me a year or two ago. "oooooh, I forgot about that" I sheepishly admitted.


Me and Eric Danville ^ 


Eric told me it's ok to spill the beans, to pass on the great news, that as of May, my sex/relationship column, "Ask Dr. Dot" can be found monthly in the Penthouse Forum. I am over the moon about this. This certainly helps ease the pain of having my naughty column let go from the NY Press thanks to their new, wholesome (word:Boring) image. Sigh. Penthouse Forum, here I come. 

 I got to chat with Mike Edison, Senior Editor of Backbeat Books and Hal Leonard Books, which was a thrill. The man is legendary. You couldn't swing a cat without hitting a cool, connected New Yorker. I should go out with Arturo more often, it's so fun and there are always great folks around. I do admit I spend too much time at karaoke bars, whoring the mic. Karaoke WHORE!



 The legendary Photogrpaher, Leee Black Childers (yes, it's with 3 "eee's) and Zoe  ^

 Click HERE to read ALL about Leee and his part of Punk & Rock and Roll history… Speaking of history, Zoe doesn't hesitate to let you know she is an ex-PORN star who is working on her memoirs. Maybe even a reality show. She's so attractive, I'm sure many would tune in. SCHWING!

< Leee, on the left, was HOT when he was a young man. 

It was GREAT to see my pal Monte again. I have known him (And Arturo) since I was 15. Monte, in case you don't know, was the Ramones road manager. He kept everything sane & as organized as possible on the road. He was always on the ball! I haven't seen Monte for a couple years (last time was at a party for Joey's Birthday celebration at CBGB's in 2002) yet the first thing Monte says to me when he saw me was "why did you remove me from your myspace top friends!??". LMFAO, that's so funny, myspace is taking over. "you're still in MY top friends!!" he continued. "Ok, ok, I rotate my top friends, but I promise to have you back up there by tomorrow" I swore to him. I made another snide remark about how I find it totally UNFAIR that his book "on the road with the Ramones" does NOT include my name at ALL. How could that be? I was dating Joey for 3 years and hardly ever missed a weekend show! (had to go to school Monday – Thursday, skipped Fridays to be with my Punk God). Well, we all know why I am not mentioned. I was only 15 when I started seeing Joey (I told them ALL I was 19). This seems kinda creepy now, but it wasn't back then, I looked 19, acted 19 and so, to them, I was 19. Anyways. What's done is done, I'm not in the dam book! Fine. I will just write about it in mine (again). Snap πŸ˜‰

Close up of Monte's jacket. I'm sure it's a collectors item…

Many more pics from the party can be seen HERE 


I do have lovely pictures of Jasmine, but she's banned me from posting any pics of her and even mentioning her. I will get my face ripped off for even mentioning her name in this blog. Sigh.  Trying as hard as I can to NOT write about my lovely, talented, honest, intelligent daughter, but I have to respect her wishes. Hoping you don't think I'm SOOOOO wrapped up in my business and activities that I forget my Jasmine; it's just the opposite, I wish I could post ALL the pics I have of her, she's so subtle, shy, humble and sweet; but she doesn't want it, so I can't. She isn't a camera hog like her mum. How can that be? We are the same at some points but completely opposite at others. I respect her completely and that's why you don't see a parade of Jasmine pics/videos.



 Random shots I took whilst about town (town, I mean, CITY!). Isn't it funny when you say "I'm in the city" people still ask "what city?". I don't feel a slight bit of guilt when I say "THE city; NYC". If you haven't been to Manhattan, then you may not understand the sarcastic, presumptuous response. 




 Is it strange to be surprised when people ask "what city?" when you tell them you are "in the city" ? If you have never been to Manhattan, you may not understand that sarcastic, presumptuous response (THE city!)


 The infamous ^  Jonesy in front of the 24/7 Apple store on 5th ave    


Icy branches amuse me  ^


I made another little video in Manhattan. Click HERE to see it  


Times Square always makes for a good photo-op.

Not that I watch much TV (in Germany I NEVER watch any TV, don't even get one channel and if I did, I still wouldn't watch it) but here in the USA they are having a writers strike (enough already peeps, get the fuck back to work, be happy you have a job). TV sucks monkey balls at the moment, hence all the time for blogging. Animal Planet + Discovery Channel are the only things worth watching. "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery channel" 

November in Berlin ( I know, I KNOW, long ago)

Got a new Macbook Pro and still have to use Windows on it to do my videos, pics and blogs, but I haven't given up, I will learn and master the Mac (someday).. this is why it's taken me so long to blog again..anyways… 

My two German buddies and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe for Thanksgiving dinner. They had never experienced a Thanksgiving before. The Turkey was rather suspicious. They ordered "Turkey Legs" but the waitress told us they only have Breast. Not that they ran out of legs, they simply ONLY serve Turkey Breasts and they expect people to believe that they use REAL, fresh turkey? What do they cut the tits off and bin the rest of the fucking turkey or what? Oh please. It was obvious it was canned Turkey breast. Bitch please. It's 25 euro per person to eat there and you can cranberry sauce, turkey breasts, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and a slice of apple or pumpkin pie. Everything but the suspicious Hard COCK cafe Turkey and the NASTY fucking wine was scrumptious. Note: never ever expect decent wine at a Hard Rock Cafe. They are ALL about cocktails.

The Sage club in Berlin has been around for years. It used to be called the Boogaloo, when I brought Robert Plant there in 1993. I have also brought Bruce Willis there, Pantera and Eminem and D-12 there over the years to party. Hey, I not only massage the artists, I play tour guide too as I speak fluent German and know Berlin better than any other city I know. Anyhow, the owner of the Sage, Sacha, put me on the guest list for VIP passes for a special party. Each Thursday the Sage hosts a Rock and Roll party. LOADS of rock and metal fans pack this club every Thursday. It starts around 11pm and goes onto 8 or 9 am, sometimes until noon. This particular party was a 24 hour party.

I have to laugh when people  (Frank Sinatra) calls NYC the "city that never sleeps". I am in NYC and believe me, it fucking sleeps. It's hard to find a rowdy place to go really late at night, whereas Berlin literally parties all day and all night; I'm surprised any work at all gets done in Berlin. Most clubs and bars stay open 24 hours a day. It's really strange. People don't even go OUT until midnight in Berlin. In New England, however, they go out at 7pm and get thrown out of the bar at 1am sharp (in Connecticut they set the bar clocks 20 minutes ahead to get rid of the crowd early) wtf?


Pics I took inside the Sage 

Ok, where was I..oh yes, this particular party was a special party. It was the 10 year anniversary party for their "Rock Night". So I simply had to go. When the girls and I got there and parked, the line to get in was outside, all around the block. We were really grateful to be on the VIP list. Yay! All those years of bringing stars to their club finally paid off πŸ˜‰

Another cool thing about Germany and Berlin in particular is the freedom. They are almost too liberal (trying to make up for a guilty past perhaps?). You can get into any club and bar at age 14 and up. I mean, do these girls look older than 15 to you? Hell no. I have cheese and wine older than these babes.  They are cute as fuck though and posed for me in the bathroom. Cuties.

< Andreas, aka Kirion

I love the rockers you meet at the Sage Rock nights. Most other Berliners are into Techno or House, they are so "sprockets"!. I am pretty sure I was drinking with the hottest guys in the whole club. The ladies were leering at me all night. Heh heh. First we have Andreas, aka Kirion (his band name) from Italy. He is the singer of a Black Metal band called Sturmkaiser . He wanted to make it clear, the band plays Black Metal, not Death Metal, which according to him, is much lighter music, as in, for pussies. Black Metal is what Satan himself listens to down in Hell. Whatever. I had fun talking to him and telling him how fucking gorgeous he was and how lucky (or not?) his girlfriend is. I am actually not sure having such a gorgeous, flirty boyfriend would be a good thing. sigh. 

I mean, look how fucking good looking he is. It's insane.  He enjoyed using up my free drink tickets Sascha (club owner) kept sending my way. The younger girls were hissing and leering from a very close distance. It was amusing and it got even worse when Charlie came to hang out with us….


Charlie Crawford is very very famous in Germany for being a final runner up on their version of "American Idol" called "Deutschland sucht ein Superstar". He was on it until the very end but lost to some other punk. I have known Charlie and his Goddess of a sister for over 2 years. Charlie has a band called "Empty Trash" which is becoming more and more popular. Thing is, Charlie is 19 and Andreas (Kirion) is 23, so it felt fun being the sugar mama of the evening. "don't stand, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me"…

German girls are insane over Charlie. They swoon, scream, push and shove to get near him. It's adorable. Since I've had him in my myspace top friends, I have gotten several emails from random young German girls asking me to hook them up with Charlie. It's insane. lol 

Oh what a night. It was perfect apart from the fact it was SOOOOO SMOKEY that I got another lung infection and ended up in bed for two whole weeks on antibiotics (had same problem one year ago). I can hardly fucking wait until the smoking ban takes effect in Berlin (starts Jan. 1st 2008). If it works, Berlin will be even more amazing then it already is.

^ Charile, me and some unknown drunk clown 


Busiest bartender in Berlin ^ 

 Just edited a tiny film I made of NYC and spent hours uploading and cropping pics I have taken here in the city and will post them in the next day or so. I am glad Christmas is over and am looking forward to New Years eve (may go see Chris Rock at Madison Square Gardens πŸ™‚


Ask Dr. Dot December 21 2008 (Happy Birthday Frank Zappa :)


I have a question on etiquette for casual-sex pals. By "pals" I mean that the
only kind of interaction I have with this person is purely sexual (aside from
the pleasantries of "how are you" on the way in and "have a good day" on the way
out. Even though I'm sure to be equipped with the appropriate prophylactic, my
pal brings over condoms. He throws the four or five condoms on the floor near
where we're getting it on. If we happen to just use one condom, he's always sure
to grab the three or four unused condoms on the way out. Now, something about
that act seems almost rude. It's like when you bring over a cake or a bottle of
wine to Simeon's house for dinner: you don't take the leftovers home with you.
Do you think it's rude to take home the unused party favors, even if they're
Condom Snob
  < Don't be a cheap bastard

It is tacky to take the unused condoms with you. It's like saying "I will
definitely need these between now and the next time I will be in you, and I am
definitely too cheap to buy new ones for my new conquests." The only thing worse
would be for him to come empty handed and expect you to supply the condoms, then
take a few with him.
Aaah, the perks of casual sex.

Hi Dr. Dot,
Your column rocks!
I've been dating my girlfriend for almost a year. I'm 45, she's 33, both in
great health. I came close to breaking up with her a few times within the
first four months, as she did not want to become intimate. She convinced me to
stay, and we've been having sex for several months now, and we're monogamous.
However, she's the least sexual person I've ever been with- she does not like
me to touch or kiss her vagina (even the lightest touch is met with "it hurts,
please don't touch down there"). She has a very methodical system of having
sex; first she masturbates to orgasm, and then allows me entry. This is the
only way she'll allow it. No oral either way, and not even any kissing. This
is barely acceptable to me, but the frequency which she allows (I want it
every day, she allows it once a week) is not acceptable at all. Also, she
never uses her tongue to kiss, keeps her mouth closed, and our kissing never
lasts more than a few seconds. When I bring any of this up, she says I a
m calling her an "ice princess", calling her frigid, which she gets very
defensive about. She claims there has never been any molestation in her past,
and that she's normal and I'm oversexed. I've had long-term, very sexual
relationships in the past without complaint, but I don't know how to handle
this, other than breaking it off. She's a wonderful girl and very much
marriage material, other than this issue.
Do you have any advice?
At Arms Length Larry

You want it "every day"? Good luck finding someone who wants it every day for
ever and ever. Anything less than once a week is bullshit but every day could
turn into a chore. A dull routine.
In my opinion, you will have to leave her OR marry her and cheat to get your
fill. Imagine a whole life of no head, no French kissing etc.

I still live with my parents, even though I am 23. I am a very horny girl,
compared to my friends. I like to have random sex (always safe sex!) with men
I just met at a party or bar. I have fucked a few guys in public and it turns
me on more than in a bed. Any ideas or tips on how to make things run
smoother? I always end up getting disturbed when I jam out with my clam out.
Spanish Fly-girl

Lead your prey into the ladies room and bring him into a stall. Lock the door
and in the doggy style position, have one hand on the flusher and one on back
of toilet. Every time someone
knocks or gets nosey, make really loud vomiting sounds, like you are puking
your guts out and flush periodically. This yakking sound usually sends people
running. If he can keep shagging you through all that, he is a keeper.
Construction sites, stair ways of hotels and malls are usually empty, just aim
for the top floor so there is no traffic. I still haven't joined the Mile High
club yet but I can imagine that would be the hottest, riskiest place ever.

I am a flaming gay, hot 20 year old guy. I live in an area that is plagued by
straight college guys, which make me Horney but confused. How do I tell if
they can be swayed to take a walk on the wild side? I don't want to get
punched out but I have to get laid or my blue balls will start dragging on the
fucking ground. Send help fast.
Dainty Danny

Eye contact has got to be the best way to tell if a guy likes to pack
chocolate or not. When you gaze into their eyes and they get pissed off,
bingo, not gay. Posting ad's online will save you time as well as telling
waiters who you KNOW are gay that you are going home to have a pull should get
you laid in no time. Embrace your sexuality, if you are gay, let it be known
and word will get out and hopefully the guys who are curious or also queer
will gravitate towards you. Straight guys know that buying lots of drinks for
their date increases their chances of getting in there, so why not try it on

How can I tell if a guy has a big dick? Gawking at their hands and feet has
let me down in the past.
Desperately Seeking Big Dick

  < Big Nose; Big hose

"Wie die Nase des Mannes, so sein Johannes; An der Nase des Mannes erkennt man seinen Johannes"

The Germans say you can tell by how big/small the man’s nose is. If you have a
chance, just make out with them, clothes on, just bumping, grinding, feeling
around. If he doesn’t measure up to your cock standard, stop kissing and tell
him “I am sorry, we are moving too fast” and politely end the date/face
sucking session and move on. My girlfriends and I have concluded that most men
with giant dicks are usually GIANT DICKS. Sadly.


Here's my story
I’m 32 and find myself in my first relationship ever – I’ve never felt too comfortable,
 nor turned on, by sex….and now I have a boyfriend that I like but I am not turned on
when we have sex…and needless to say, I do not cum….I’m somewhat self-conscious
 when it comes to broaching this up with him, but I would like to enjoy sex with him but
 am not sure if this is possible-how do I find out what turns me on (and no, I
do not have an active imagination.I’ve tried.I do not even care to masturbate.
waiting and Wanting

^ Don't wait, Masturbate

If you are on the birth control pill, overweight or depressed, that could be the reason
for your lack of sex drive. If none of those apply,
it could be that you are just not a sexual person, in this case, my
heart goes out to you.
Just like a smoker can't quit unless he wants to, a non sexual person can't cum
 unless they want to. Only you can an swer that question.
You are right not to tell him your dilemma, as no man wants to hear that their
 Girlfriend doesn't like to fuck. However, if you are screwing and
there is a spot that you want to him rub/lick/reach, then make sure you tell him.
 Communication is the key to good sex. Maybe you don't like to masturbate because
you haven't done it correctly. Soooo, start practicing asap.

I am finally single again after 6 long years of HELL with my ex girlfriend who loathed sex.
Now I am dating a married mother of 2, yes, I know I'm a mother fucker. She said she will never
leave her rich but boring husband but loves to fuck me. Problem is, she is super jealous. She
has been bitching about my female friends and even trying to read my text messages etc.
I find the attention flattering as my ex didn't give a shit but I am starting to feel smothered.
How can I improve this otherwise perfect set up?
Backdoor Man

The best way to stop jealousy is to stop it right away. Show your new partner their boundaries as soon
as they start to over step them. Telling a woman "I find jealous very unattractive; a complete
TURN OFF!". This should end it, if not she is stubborn or dumb, both traits are worse than jealousy.
Remind her gently that she is sleeping with another man every night, then kiss her to shut her up.

Is it bad to not really wanna date guys with no money anymore?  Been there done that, the whole
 broke guy thing, and I just feel like I am going backwards when I start dating guys with little
funds. I am not superficial like it sounds, and I know guys with bucks can be dicks, too.
Anyway, I have a lot of guys asking me out these days, but none that really really have their
shit together, and I feel that going out with them is a waste of time since I know that I really
don't want them.  I would rather be alone honestly than do a sympathy date or fuck. And I don't
think I am shutting myself out to some great guys because I dated so many from all over the world
that I feel my weeding out factor is strong now. I just wonder if now my standards are ridiculous.
high, that is.

Classy Kate

Men leave their old wives for young, fertile women all the time. Men stare at young, perky tits on a
daily basis, not only because they look gorgeous, but because it's natures way of drawing them to a
fertile partner. The same goes for women being drawn to strong, secure men, which used to be just
a muscular thing centuries ago, but now, a bank account has replaced the muscle attraction for most
women. Just like animals, the female chooses the most eligible partner to breed with, so do modern
ladies. It doesn't mean they are gold digger's, it means they are looking for a secure man to have
kids with and/or to settle down with. Making sure he can take care of you and your possible offspring
is normal. Some men actually respect and yearn for a woman who expects a lot from them. It somehow
motivates them,it challenges them and most men LOVE a challenge! (Sports, wars, competitions, gambling).
Nothing wrong in falling for a man who can also support you. "Would you walk away from a fool and his money?”


Please forgive my English, I am French. For four months, I lived with my girlfriend and
 her 4-year-old daughter. My girlfriend is always stressed … I did everything possible
 to help her; I take good care of the child. She moved in with me because she lived in
a far away town. Since she moved in, she seems always under stress and the result is
that she is angry for no reason and talks to me like crap. Plus, she is always so tired
and we have sex only two to four times a month (at the beginning it was a least everyday,
 sometimes twice a day)! The point is, when we do, sex is always very wild and good.
I love sex, maybe too much, and I feel I don't have enough. The more I ask my girlfriend,
 the less I have. She tells me it’s not about me, that it’s only because her work is
 bothering her, that she is not used to the stress of living in a big city, plus the
fact that my flat is too small (one room for the two of us plus her daughter). I can
understand her reasons, but the point is I really feel like starving for sex.

—Crazy Horse

Now you know why I frown upon living with a lover. If you love sex, don’t live together.
 I know, it’s too late and most folks aim for it their whole life, but that is my personal
 opinion. If you have to live with someone, having your own room could keep things hot,
 so save up and get a bigger place—it will be worth every penny if you are getting your
leg over more often. Now, moving onto your cold shrew. She may be drinking too much coffee,
 this makes everyone stress out! Try to buy some decaffeinated coffee and sneak it into
her real coffee without her knowing. Also, massage her feet every night, each foot 10
minutes or more. Then her legs and back, this should make her want sex, maybe even ask
you for it. Candlelit massage and a glass of red wine and some cow-tongue oral sex should
bring on the taming of the shrew.

Happy Holidays,

Love Dr. Dot

Manhattan, I love thee

Landed in NYC a few days ago and have been lovin' it. Went out to a Book release party last night with Arturo and met lots of folks I haven't seen in a while. Once I figure out how to use my new Mac Book Pro, I will upload pictures and blog about it and Thanksgiving (oh lord, how embarrassing).

Life is so exciting here, I wonder why I ever leave. Tough to be torn between two great cities (Berlin-NYC). Gotta dash, ttyl


Foreigner got me “Hot Blooded” in Berlin

I am jumping ahead here, as in, I still haven't done my wild thanksgiving night blog lol, but 'this just in' has to come out now before I forget any details.. I went to the "Columbia Halle" early this evening to say hi to my pal Anna , who works backstage and just wanted to give the band, Foreigner my flyer (I wasn't planning on massaging anyone as a very good friend of mine bought me a ticket, so I was just planning on watching the show). When I stopped into the production office to say hi, I was surprised to see so many familiar faces. Most of the people who work with the band knew me from other bands they have toured with, mainly Iron Maiden. The wardrobe lady said "oh my god, Dr. Dot is here, the one from myspace!???" She came in and told me I had left a funny comment on her page of a cat taking a shit. Me? Nooooo! That can't be. heh heh. She took a picture with me and promised to send it to me on myspace asap πŸ™‚


  Jeff Pilson, the bass player, used to play with Dokken years ago  ^

When I mentioned I didn't bring my massage table, but I DID have some massage oil with me, Jeff put his hand up first, so he got the first massage. The band does have a guy on tour with them who does massages, named Peter, from Sweden, whom I've met before at Iron Maiden, but Peter is usually busy working on the lead guitarist and founder of Foreigner, Mick Jones, so sometimes they can use an extra set of hands and Peter lent me his massage table to work on the band. This was indeed my lucky night.

I kicked Jeff's ass good. He really need a deep tissue, brutal massage to sort him out before the show. Touring is HELL on the body and I think everyone on the tour, roadies, bus drivers, caterers and managers, not just the artist, need massage on a regular basis to survive. It recharges their batteries so to speak.  

Jeff is super cool, lives in LA and is a big tipper. Great guy! The whole band is on health kick, no alcohol or even cigarettes were to be seen backstage. If you want to remain in the music biz for a long time, you have to take care of yourself or you will burn out (like the Happy Mondays for example). You just can't party hard every fucking night on tour and expect to last. It just doesn't work.  

Kelly Hansen , used to sing with a band called Hurricane  ^

                                                                                                                               ^ CAMEL TOE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This shot was taken seconds before they went on stage. I was horrified when I saw the picture and noticed my raging camel toe. Oh well, what can I do? It's there, staring me in the face. Oh Lawd!  


You're gonna think I'm just a brown nosing cunt, but let me tell you, this band fucking ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually never watch the whole show. I usually watch one or two songs. Last time I watched the WHOLE show was when I saw Steve Vai in NJ. I LOVE Steve's show, so I watch it in full. This band, Foreigner is tighter than a Chinese virgin. TIGHT I tell ya. I just gave into the cheesy-ness of it all, you know the 80's rock bands that you secretly love, but are afraid to admit to listening to at home alone? Like Styx, Journey, Foreigner, Pat Benetar, The Cars.. well, I fucking LOVE Foreigner and have never seen them in concert before. My massage team, however, has massaged them before, as they toured with Def Leppard and my team was doing that tour, so "we" got our hands on them, but this was my first time "feels like the first time". Oh man, I was singing along to every fucking song, jumping up and down, howling after each tune and clapping like maniac. I was happier than snoopy at dinner time.

The show didn't sell out, as it was a rainy, Sunday night here in Berlin, but it was still packed and I was surprised how many Germans in the audience were singing right along with me to the songs. They knew the freakin' words. It was sooooooo fun. If you just give in and sing along and relive the 80's, it's a blast. The singer KICKS serious ass. I was surprised when I heard it is NOT the original singer. EH?? I thought. He sounds identical, if not better. His voice is perfect and he is so energetic, he can give Jagger a run for his money. Not to mention the tight white pants he was wearing, well, he was packing' a mean pistol and it got the females in the crowd all sooooo excited. I just love REAL Rock bands, you know? Long hair, sexy singers with tight pants, ridiculously long guitar and drum solos and all that. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jeff in action ^


Tom Gimbel on Sax ^

Tom tore up the sax solos on "Urgent". I never realized how much sax is needed for Foreigner songs . Anyways, Tom is a sweet heart and I loved how he spiced up the show.

 When they played "Juke Box Hero" I nearly creamed my jeans lol. I actually forgot that song. It was like every song they sang was a hit. Seriously, they are underrated. Go ahead and scoff at me, take the piss, make fun of me, whatever, I still love them and they are fucking hot in concert.  


It also drove me wild to know that in 24 hours, they will be opening for Led Zeppelin in London. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already booked my flight back to NYC on Dec 11th, so I could not change all of my plans. Dam Jimmy Page for breaking his finger, as this show is the alternate date. They had a previous date in Nov. that I could have gone to. Oh well, I have seen Led Zepp before (at Live Aide) but I would have LOVED to go and be there tomorrow. Sigh. 


Foreigner's normal drummer is Jason Bonham, John Bonham's son. Jason wasn't here in Berlin, as he is in London rehearsing with Led Zepp, but their other drummer, Brian Tichy is out of this fucking WORLD good! He was smoking hot ^  in every way. Schwing!!!!!!!!!!! heh heh.

Some people write me and ask me if I still get excited when I meet a star or see a show etc. I have seen well over 3,000 live shows so far but yes, I still get excited. Tonight I was giddy as fuck. I was indeed a fan. A fan meeting a band she loves. Mick Jones is sooooo nice. He sounds American as he has lived there over 30 years, but he is from England. He has a kick ass sense of humor and didn't mind when I told him I found his guitar playing to be "dirty". His solos are razor sharp, crystal clear, but his riffs are raunchy, sexy, dirty, gets your pelvis moving, if you know what I mean. He has been playing for over 30 years and he STILL fucking rocks. Hard.

I had so much fun tonight, I felt 18 years old again, yay! The security guards, who know me, must haven been shaking their heads behind me as I danced like an obsessed freak. AAhhhhhhhhhhh, loved it. 


Robbie, the production manager nabbed a set list for me and all of the lads signed it for me. Aw, they are sooo sweet! Mick asked Peter, the massage therapist, to go get me one of their Live Dvd's. OMG, I told him I would pay for it, but nooooooooooo, Mick insisted I have it as a gift. These guys are the bomb.  


< The DVD Mick gave me

^ It's all superb live footage.  So if you can't see them in concert, you can still get their DVD online.. 

Their singer, Kelly, looks a bit like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. I said that to someone backstage and they said "don't say that to him, he gets tired of hearing that", so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so. Some bands break up, reform and get a new singer that just does NOT cut the mustard, like Queen and Paul Rogers (eh? WTF!???????????????????? George Michael would have been prefect, but not Paul with his rough, raspy voice, it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard) BUT Kelly is fucking amazing; sounds exactly like the original, Lou Gramm and is much hotter (just an observation πŸ™‚

Another example of bands finding a new singer and hitting the nail on the head is AC/DC. Brian does a perfect job (as good as anyone could do) of filling Bon Scott's shoes. A perfect fit indeed.

Anyhow, I have to get to bed, it's freakin' 8:30 AM and I'm STILL awake and have to pack for my flight to NYC which leaves in less than 24 hours..



12.10.07 O2 Arena London
12.10.07 Offenbach Frankfurt
12.11.07 Volkshaus Zurich
12.13.07 Papp Laszlo Budapest
12.14.07 Gasometer Vienna
12.16.07 Filharmonie Stuttgart
12.28.07 Fort Myers FL
12.29.07 Boca Raton FL