Sonic Youth in Berlin

June 27th ( I know, it's been a while already) Sonic Youth played Berlin. I had never seen them live before, but I already knew the drummer, Steve from Hoboken. He is co-owner of Maxwells, a club compared to CBGB's. Steve comes to me for massage as well, so I was excited to finally see him in action. I also didn't know that Kim and Thurston are together and have a lovely daughter. So love can exist in a band (well, Pat Bennetar proved it too). 


Kim enjoyed a massage before the show. What a sweet heart. Lovely feet 🙂

The lady can sing, dance and play a mean guitar. A rock and roll mom if I ever met one. Well, I suppose Sonic Youth would be classified as Punk, but on their MYSPACE PAGE they have "Rock/Experimental/Indie" listed as their genre'. 


Lee had his son backstage, and Kim and Thurston had their daughter there too. It's really a laid back, family atmosphere backstage with them. They have been around for ages and their fans are shrewdly loyal. The show was beyond sold out. PACKED to the brim.

These lovely young folks, not mentioning their names as they are shy, enjoyed meeting Steve and said the show was "fucking intense".


My mate Steve took very good care of me, what a man!  ^


I think Thurston is about 6 feet 8 inches tall. I think he looks a tad like a young Phil Lesh and could have been a NBA star at that height. 

The manger helped me fill in some of the songs there as you can see but to be honest, I don't know their music well (yet). I do know the concert was extremely energetic and unique. The crowd REFUSED to let them stop after one encore. The roadies already broke down the mic stands and mic's etc, and the house lights were on for over 20 minutes and the crowd would NOT stop cheering "Zugabe. ZUGABE!" which means "Encore". Maybe if they fucking screamed in English the Bands that play here in Berlin that are English native speakers would understand them and come out quicker. heh heh. No, I'm just playing, it is sweet they wouldn't let them stop, so the band finally gave in and came out and did one last HOT number. The crowd tried again, but finally had to leave. I hope the band knows how much they are loved.  


I love how Thurston circled himself in the autograph. As if one would over look the gentle giant. I am pretty sure that shot was taken in Hoboken. I can see the city in the background and they do have a studio in Hoboken and Steve, the drummer, lives there. 

Jul 13 2007 Pitchfork Music Festival    Chicago, Illinois   
Jul 19 2007 Berkeley Community Theatre    Berkeley, California   
Jul 20 2007 Greek Theatre w/ Redd Kross    Los Angeles, California   
Jul 21 2007 KXLU Benefit at Urban Outfitters    Santa Monica, California   
Jul 28 2007 McCarren Park Pool w/ the slits    Brooklyn, New York   
Aug 15 2007 Paredes de Coura Festival    Paredes de Coura   
Aug 17 2007 la route du rock festival    Saint-Malo , Brittany   
Aug 18 2007  Pukkelpop    Hasselt   
Aug 19 2007 Lowlands Festival    Biddinghuizen   
Aug 21 2007 ABC1 – second date added    Glasgow, Scotland   
Aug 22 2007 ABC1    Glasgow, Scotland   
Aug 25 2007 Archa Theatre    Prague   
Aug 26 2007 Openair at Arena    Vienna   
Aug 27 2007 INmusic Festival / Jarun summer stage Zagreb   
Aug 29 2007 La Vilette Jazz Festival    Paris   
Aug 30 2007 Roundhouse – Sold Out    London   
Aug 31 2007 Roundhouse – Sold Out    London   
Sep 1 2007 Roundhouse – Sold Out    London   
Sep 2 2007 Electric Picnic    Port Laoise, Laois   
Oct 5 2007 Stubbs BBQ    Austin, Texas   
Oct 6 2007 Thunderbird Hotel    Marfa, Texas   
Oct 7 2007     House of Blues    Dallas, Texas


Their tour dates ^ 

If you love wild shows, go see Sonic Youth. They are on fire.