Connecticut (home sweet home)

I was in NYC, but drove a few hours, now I am in CT, where I was hatched, for a few days. Seeing relatives and friends, lovin' life. The air is so fresh here, the people so friendly, live is so easy here. I try to imaging living back here, like I did when I was born (from age 0 to 5, then again from age 15 to 18). Would I get bored? Would they stone me to death for being so scandalous (with my sex column and massaging rock stars?). Could it be possible the only places I 'fit in' now are NYC, Hoboken and Berlin? Jasmine would never live here and I am not sure she would even visit again, since her last couple visits here were for her, boring and unpleasant. But she will soon roam the world and probably settle in NYC and go to college. But I have to come back here more often, I feel at home here somehow and also, Hoboken makes me feel at home too though. Uncle Jack says I am a Jersey girl, since my Grandma and Mom were both born in NJ. Hmmmmm. I have to get to bed, Lisa's cats will be down early to wake me up with their cat nip breath. 

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 ^A picture I took of Steph on my sofa before I left Berlin. She is an American living in Berlin, super fun to hang with.. 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket < Uncle Jack and his son Jerimiah (I guess this makes me his Aunt? Auntie Dottie)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket < Frankie, my love x

Lisa's pride and Joy ^ 

Unfortunately I haven't had a ride on her bike yet, it's been pissing down rain since I got here. Boo fucking hoo. 


Lisa, me and "Brie" at the "Hall of Fame" (previously called The Country Squire) in Ellington, Connecticut (my old high school  stomping grounds). The air smells of cows here. I had the Ramones play here a long time ago, when I was dating Joey. Long story  (you can read it on my RAMONES blog on myspace fyi)

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Somers (CT)  Lads, after a long night of hard core karaoke  

I will write more when I can. I still have to do my Monte Carlo and London blog. Freakin' hell, my ass will flatten out from all this sitting. NOT!