Wolf Massacre: Click Before They Pull Trigger



 We need you to be "quicker on the draw" than the Bush Administration to prevent the senseless
 slaughter of Rocky Mountain wolves.

All you have to do is click — and you'll instantly send an Official Citizen Comment that
 opposes the Administration's plan to strip Greater Yellowstone's wolves of their federal
protection and leave them at the mercy of Wyoming and Idaho.

Already, state officials are circling, waiting for approval to kill hundreds of gray wolves
 in Yellowstone's wild country and central Idaho.

The governor of Idaho himself said, "I'm prepared to bid for that first ticket to shoot a wolf myself."

Appalled by this impending massacre, NRDC Members and online activists are fighting back — at their
 computer keyboards — and have submitted over 50,000 Official Citizen Comments in just 2 days!

But we need to barrage the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with even more comments — our goal is
200,000 — and that's why we need you to submit your Official Citizen Comment RIGHT NOW.

With only weeks to go before the public comment period ends on May 9, we need every NRDC Member
 and online activist to take action on the wolf's behalf.

The comeback of the gray wolf from the brink of extinction in Greater Yellowstone is one of our
 country's greatest environmental success stories. Don't let the Bush Administration destroy
that success!

Click here now before the hunters are allowed to pull the trigger.