Berlin, by Dr. Dot (the Movie :)

I still have to do the"Lisa visits Berlin" blog. She left a few days ago, back home to Connecticut and I miss her already. We had a blast. Before she came, I made a tiny "Movie" of Berlin. It took for fucking AGES to make this thing and editing is hell, so know wonder people in the Movie biz rake in the cash. Anyhow, the video was 313 MB. Youtube only allows them to be 100MB, so I had to compress it and so the quality kinda suffered. However, I am taking the 313MB version and dividing it into 3 parts so if you want to see the better quality versions they will be on YOUTUBE soon (under Dr. Dot).
They won't have any narration though, just video with kick ass music. Anyhow, here is my "movie" hope you like it.

Oh, I was supposed to be going to London this month, but can't. I have to go to Monte Carlo first, then NYC. I am filming with RTL in Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix thingy. I will be massaging the moderator for the cameras and so on..Don't worry,  I won't be driving ๐Ÿ™‚

THEN it's off to NYC, home sweet fucking home. I LOVE YOU NEW YORK! x