Finally some spare time to write

I got caught in a massive hail storm today, while riding my bike from one end of town to the other. The hail pieces were the size of mento’s candy’s, like
huge, and they didn’t feel good pounding on my drenched face either, so winter is officially here. We have been getting away with fairly warm weather but
now Mother Nature is through fucking around.
Jasmine is on vacation this week, so she has been spending more time with me. She is SUPER cute. She reluctantly accepted an iPod for Christmas,
as she hates for people to spend large amounts of money on her, making her completely different from most kids I know. Now our iPods are loaded with the
same music, over 2,000 songs, which includes TONS of Beatles, Zappa, Hendrix, Floyd and so much Zeppelin, it boggles the mind. Lots of rare live stuff, oh
how I LOVE my iPod.
I am going to the UK again soon, I will be appearing as a guest on a music based TV show (don’t know the name of it off the top of my head, but I can assure
you it’s NOT "Top of the Pops" or anything big like that lol. Will also be meeting with some folks who may help me get my "How to Massage" dvd off the ground.
I have so many things I need to get out there, on the market (books,dvd, massage products, etc) but how? This is the question. It will probably happen when
I keel over and die. Great. Just like an artist, they always get rich after they die (like Picaso and Jim Morrison, etc). Not comparing myself to them, just saying
sometimes it takes SO long to fill your goals, sometimes it’s too long. What good would money do me when I am in a nursing home? Not that money is that
important to me, as for me, money just means freedom to eat whatever I want and to sleep as late as I want and most importantly, avoiding having any kind of
a boss bitching at me, as I had enough of that when I was really young. I don’t give a toss about material items EXCEPT my lap top, iPod, photographs and some
rock and roll t-shirts that I would fight for. Can’t STAND owning shirt., in fact, I wish I could sell most everything I own as things just weigh you down.
Don’t I sound like a hippie? Dam straight.

The cops still haven’t found that angry, aggressive German guy who knocked me out last week. I called and asked and they said to be patient. Since then I have
given up jogging after 10 pm and always have pepper spray in one hand and a stun gun (knocks ’em down with mega voltage) and I have my cell phone in my
pocket (if I had my phone with me when that fucker attacked me, I could have rang the police). Shoulda, woulda, coulda, that all doesn’t matter now.
I am still amazed my teeth survive all of these beatings from German men. Hello? God must be a dentist, admiring my pearly whites from up above.
Anyhow, I have been spending a lot of time with my two girlfriends Shai and Danielle, we laugh A LOT and stick together over here. I am just rambling on,  nothing
big to report. really. I massaged Joe Jackson last week, we then went to Zappa night at this bar called the Jansen bar that has a Zappa night the last Tuesday of
each month. There is a Zappa statue and they only play rare Live Frank Zappa and show some video footage as well. Joe liked the place, he said he likes any
place that has good cocktails and good beer (and of course, if he can smoke). I really like Joe, he doesn’t act like a star, very low key and actually kind of shy.
I think it made him uncomfy when one of my pals showed up and recognized him. But it’s all good now. I am hoping to massage Snow Patrol this Friday, but
if they have the same bitchy tour manager with, them, I will pass on that. Love their music though..
anyhow, gotta do some sit ups, keep it firm you know?