Meet Marianna, our new Massage assistant

Our team is growing and I happy to introduce our
latest member, Marianna.
So if you are in NYC, Miami or San Fran and need
a massage, give me a shout. Read on:

Hi, my name is Marianna and I’ve been a licensed Massage therapist for 18 years. I was also giving Massages since, 8 or 9 years old to my mother, who paid me a dollar an hour, (Times have definitely changed). am based in NYC, but I travel to Miami, L.A., and San Francisco, to work with clients. I really love to travel and keep my mind fresh and creative. I came across Dr. Dot through another massage Therapist. It sounded like the right team and energy to work with. I’m Excited to be a part of it. truly love what I do and try my best to give the best. I listen and am very consistent. Looking forward to sharing my massage treatments with you. My treatments consist of Swedish, deep tissue, Reflexology and Acupressure. I also give Thai massage and teach power yoga and stretch.