I have been back in Berlin now for 5 days and I was already feeling like a stranger, amongst the bitchy Berliner's and the gray skies until I crossed the street near my house in Kreuzberg, heard "Watch out where the Huskies go" playing VERY loudly in an older man's car. I looked at him and smiled, then I felt ok again. Ok, I am not alone, I am not the only one listening to cool music here.
Little things about Berlin make it feel so far from home, like going to one of the biggest book shops here, on the MAIN drag, called the Ku'Damm (this shop could be compared to a big Barnes and Noble or Virgin Record store, on a main street which could be compared to 5th ave) – anyways, I went there today to buy a gadget that you can stick your iPod into and listen to it out loud (like the one Lemmy got from Phil in my Motorhead blog) and I was ready to plunk down a decent amount of cash for this thing and when it was time to pay, they said "oh, we don't take credit cards" (well, they said it in German ). I was like, oh you are kidding right? No, they were not kidding. A GIANT shop,with 3 floors, that has cds. dvds, iPods etc. and they don't take credit cards. WTF? No wonder Germany and Berlin in particular is in debt. Also, you have to hunt high and fucking low to find a fucking ATM machine (cash machine). Guess they really don't want your money, let them squirm. I said forget it, as I couldn't be bothered to go down 3 floors, and out side to the nearest bank to get cash.
I am just happy the Holidays are over, aren't you? Jesus! All that pressure to buy shit for people you love, to prove to them you love them by buying shit for them. The Christmas trees, wrapping paper, all that food, the closed shops… I am happy the shit is over. It's all commercial brainwashing to get you to spend, spend, SPEND. It stresses everyone out and I just don't see why we buy into it year after year. If you are over 10 years old, you don't need  a fucking present. Get over it.

Moving right along, last month I went to see and meet  (and touch) Placebo. I wouldn't know a Placebo song if it came up and slapped me in the fucking face. But hey, I did have a look and listen to the show for about 5 minutes and they sounded great. I liked them better than Tool heh heh.


< Nice stache

This pic ^ was taken before the show. Try to ignore the fact I am dressed like a Welches grape.

I was in the production office before the show, hanging with their tour manager, Quinner whom I have known for about 14 years and a couple German journalist from the dreaded "BZ" were suddenly alone with me in the office. They asked me if I was going to massage them and all that. Steph, the Swedish guitarist came in and sat down to do an interview with them. I sat there and listened. They asked him the dummest fucking crap I have ever heard. "do you like sex, drugs and rock and roll?" was the first one. "Do you like to have sex with groupies?" was the second one. The guy, Steph was like "WTF?!". He was trying so hard to be polite, but he is not the type to be overly happy-go-lucky and his patients was running thin. I felt so bad for him. The journalist said "we are sorry, but our boss said we MUST ask these questions". This was like the 6th interview they had given that evening and the dumb questions grow old fast.

It is NOT all fun and games being a musician on the road. I would say it's about 3 hours of fun per day and the rest is boring,tedious , annoying and hard work. Been there a bit with my band and I was like "uh, no". Touring is the worst, I feel so sorry for people who tour all the time, in fact, if you want to make any money in the music biz, it only happens with touring and merchandising. So I figure they deserve a kick ass massage. I didn't earn much that night but it was REALLY fun.

< The singer

I heard the singer is from Scotland and lived a long time in the USA as well, so he has an American accent but he said "only when I talk to you Americans". He was super polite, friendly and charming. I liked him. But by far, my favorite was the drummer, Steve. He is from Manchester, UK and has my favorite markings: light eyes, dark hair. He is mad into Hendrix and when he saw from my flyer that I had massaged Vinnie Colaiuta , he was very impressed. He said he was jealous that I got to meet him, let alone touch him. I showed him the videos I made of Vinnie during the recent Herbie Hancock sound check and he nearly fainted.

Oh well, I guess I should listen to a bit of Placebo before I meet  up with them again, if you have any suggestions as to what their best song is or best cd, a starter kit or so, let me know.

I miss NYC badly, can't wait to return. I was only there for 10 days and went out 8 nights. I have to hang low and recover now. I am working on a monster blog, a NYC blog. it is taking FOREVA! (read that with a New Englander accent please). I have to get to bed and watch some more "Meerkat Manor", I am hooked… nite nite


< I guess this is their most popular tune (?)