This blog should have been posted a couple weeks ago. I've been "busy".  

Phil of Motorhead is a massive Tool fan and has joined them on stage quiet a few times. Phil
was in Berlin recently with a few days off so he invited me to join him to go to Leipzig and see Tool.
Phil's German friends drove us, it took hours and we were cramped up as fuck in this tiny car. Phil
made it fun though, as usual. I already blogged about this, click  HERE   to see that blog.

Phil after the Tool show. We were listening to the Carpenters during his massage. You would be surprised how many Rock stars listen to the Carpenters. "Just like me, they long to be, close to you"

Lemmy's dressing room door ^


Michael the Brave of Romania cross ^ (google him)

I thought that M stood for Motorhead, but I was wrong. Lemmy explained to me who Michael the Brave was and

lost of great things he did, but the music was so loud, I only caught half of it.


Lemmy had Danielle and I listen to  Evanescense  while we were hanging out  in his dressing room. He
REALLY loves their music and adores the singer. He is a big fan. Then we listened to some Skunk Anansie,
who I love! He has thousands of songs on his iPod and Phil recently gave him a massive, portable speaker system
(the same one he has for himself) so they can rock out LOUDLY with their iPods. I heard it cost about $350, I have to get one of those.


Lemmy was sooooo kind to us. I have met him a few times before and the first time I met him he said he "hated
to be massaged". While he was explaining this to me I started massaging his hand. Then his forearm and I said
"continue, tell me more about how you hate massages" and he kept talking and then I massaged his neck and shoulders.
By the time he was done with his long story, he had already had a massage. He was even helping  me by taking off his
rings and moving his shirt around. I love that. I love showing people that massage is a great thing. Some where along the line
Lemmy had a BAD massage and that is why he hated it. I doubt he gets massages regularly but at least he liked mine.

Danielle gets hers signed ^

Lemmy had a hot English roadie, who is in charge of merchandising go fetch us a few shirts. He always

gives me and my friends shirts. I have a whole Motorhead wardrobe now.

Phil looks so fresh after his power nap ^


 Danielle had a naughty look on her face, so I had to capitalize on it ^

I was DELIGHTED to see my old friends, Meldrum. I haven't seen them in over a year. Last time I saw them was when
they opened for Zakk Wylde. If you click  HERE  you can read that blog. Michelle, the lady with the long blonde hair
has a child with one of the guys in the band Europe. This band is all Swedish except for Michelle, who is American.

The last time I saw Frida, the Bass player, she looked totally different:
< Frida and I in April 2005


 So Meldrum opened for Motorhead this time. The singer of Meldrum, Moa, is Lemmy's girlfriend fyi.

The show was beyond sold out. All the Germans got their fill, rocking, sweating, swearing, drinking, smoking, LOVIN'
MOTORHEAD. The place was heaving. It was so smokey in that concert hall I could barely see the stage. I can't wait
until Germany comes to it's senses (aren't they supposed to be ueber-intelligent?) and jumps on the smoking-ban wagon.
If Italy and Ireland can get their folks to stop smoking in public places, why can't the Germans? Perhaps because they are so
stubborn and see a smoking ban as an invasion of their freedom. Boo fucking HOO.

Speaking of Germany,  Jasmine and I fly back to Berlin tomorrow, er, rather, later today (Jan. 4th). I will miss NYC badly. Can't wait
to get back here. I LOVE NEW YORK! I have TONS of picture and will make a monster blog once I get settled in Berlin. Lets just
say there is a lot of ASS involved. Long story. ttyl


< "Moa and Lemmy sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G"