Ask Dr. Dot (Should I rat him out?/ Sleep (and fart) alone/ Condon hater/ The Cheap way to bring in the new year)

I am in a tough situation and bet you can help. I was friends with this guy long ago,
and he got married and I became best friends with his wife. In fact, I get along with
her much better than I ever did him. Before I became such great friends with her, he used
to ask me to let him use my apartment to screw other girls. As time passed, this stopped
because he noticed that his wife and I were best buddies. Now it bothers me badly not to
tell her the truth that I know he cheats on her. He doesn’t treat her well anyways and I
just wish I could tell her he is not worth the stress he puts her through. I am afraid but
something inside me tells me she has to know. Do I tell her or not?
Stuck with the Truth

Would YOU want to know if your man was cheating? Even though the truth will set you free,
it may well turn you into the enemy. The messenger usually gets shot. Some people are so
in love that they don’t want to believe the truth, even if you had photographs of him
cheating, she may find a way to deny it; to defend him. She may end up thinking of you
as the one trying to break up her marriage. What would you gain? Nothing. If she is meant
to find out that her husband is a lair, and then she will. What will be, will be. If she finds
out and knows you knew all along and asks why you didn’t tell her, blame it on me.

I can not sleep with another person. I don’t mean sexually, I mean literally. I can not
sleep next to another person. This has offended many a partner. Can this be corrected?
Sleepless in New York

Some people can sleep with others ^

One GREAT reason to sleep alone ^

Funny you mention that, as I have the same problem. I can’t even sleep in the same room
as another person. You are not alone. In fact, I think it stems from being a light sleeper
and/or fear of intimacy. Face it, when you sleep next to someone, it becomes a habit. It
can make you dependent on that person when you equate them with sleep. For me it is more
intimate than sex. It could also be just not wanting to hear another person scratching,
tossing and tossing off, farting and snoring all through the night. There is nothing wrong
with you. Just explain to them sleep is a very personal thing for you, and since your mind
is so busy working on saving the world, it is hard for you to turn it off and any distraction
at all will disrupt your badly needed rest. If you are shagging your partner properly, they
shouldn’t mind where, when or how you sleep, as they will be too tired to give a shit.

I hate to use condoms, my cock goes limp when I put one on. I prefer to pull out right before I
cum, by how can I convince my new girlfriend to waiver the condom rule?
Raincoat dodger

It is not her fault if you can’t stay hard enough for a condom, so it’s ignorant and rude to try to
make her screw you without one so you can get your rocks off. If she prefers safe sex, respect her for
that. Now about that pull out myth….
Pre-cum, which is that clear liquid that seeps out of your dick during foreplay and intercourse
has loads of sperm in it too. There is a high chance of some sperm left in the urethra mixing with
the new precum Even before you cum which can get her pregnant. You are playing with
fire if you screw without a condom on. An expensive, dangerous fire. Only if you are in a monogamous
Relationship for a long time, where you both had time to be tested for nasty diseases, you
trust each other, AND if she is taking birth control, should you have sex without one. This "pulling
out" method is a good idea, but is about as dependable as a wet paper bag.

How can I tell my new, younger girlfriend that her completely shaved pussy is grossing me out?
She is perfect otherwise but since she is young, I am afraid telling her may hurt her feelings or self confidence.
Mr. Fur Burger

  < Shaved is TOO much information.


Perhaps you can say that shaved genitals remind you of shaved chickens and/or people who are too young to fuck,
 that it makes you feel like a pedophile. Maybe she even does it because she thinks that all men like it that way.
 I personally loathe shaved genitals.
When a woman trims it a bit, it looks nice, but when men shave at all, it screams out to me:
"I am vain and will spend more time in the bathroom than you". Not to forget the inevitable
stubble, which can make one’s clit and surrounding skin feel like it’s been rubbed down with coarse sand paper.
 I mean, how much time should one spend on their genitals? Wanking, washing,
shaving? Photographing them for internet chats? All time that could be spent on a good old fashioned fuck fest.


How can I show my girlfriend a good time on New Years ever when all of the parties cost so much money?
I am a college student and don’t have money coming out of my ass. Any ideas and suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.
Tight Wad Todd

+ @ =

New Years Eve is so over rated, you rarely find the right place to be and you end up spending loads on
an evening you usually can’t remember. You can plan a sexy night for two without spending much at all.
But some strawberries, seedless grapes, bananas and cooking chocolate. Melt it and feed each other fruit
dipped in chocolate (fondue style) all night while sipping cheap champagne or sparkling wine while watching
all the fools free their asses off at the outside events. Make sure you are fucking when the clock strikes
midnight. That is the BEST way to start off a new year.


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