Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot, I've been dating the same guy (he is 26, I am 22) for over a year. We see each
other every other day, Friday nights he goes out with this friends and
Saturday night is always for us. He is ALWAYS tired on Saturday night and when
he comes to pick me up at my place, he has a way of convincing me to just stay
home and chill (FUCK). I feel short changed, I want to go out with him and
have fun, but he says being home with me is much more fun than going out.
The sex is amazing but I am starting to resent him for this leftover from
Friday night shit.
Should I just dump him?
Irate Iris

It’s really simple. When he calls to let you know he is coming over, tell him
you aren’t at home, you are at a certain bar/club/restaurant. He should meet
you there. Then you are already out and about.  You are far too young to be a
stay at home couple. If I was you, I would change this weekend situation, as
in, you suddenly can’t meet on Saturday nights anymore, so he will have to see
you on Fridays instead. That way he can be nice and tired for his friends on
Saturday. Insist upon this and it will work. Not wanting to sound bitchy, but
you are the one with the pussy, so you make the rules, the sooner you learn
this, the better.

Please give me a fake name. I was seeing two guys and having sex with both. I
am now 5 months pregnant and don’t know which guy is the father. I have picked
the best guy and he thinks it’s his and it very well could be, but it’s eating
me up inside not knowing. One guy is blonde, the other brunette. What do I do
if it comes out with blonde hair (I am with the brunette now)? Should I just
tell him now? What if he leaves me alone?
Frantic Freda
 < Who's the Daddy?

Perhaps it will calm your nerves to tell you this happens a lot. You can’t
change the situation anymore, so there is no point in stressing out, it will
just make you have a moody baby. Just go with the flow and if your guy someday
insists upon a DNA test, do it, you have to just let things unfold how they
are supposed to. If not, then there is nothing to worry about. Keeping mum
doesn’t mean you are lying it just means you aren’t saying anything, a tactic
men understand oh so well. When your child gets older and you sense the
brunette is not the biological father, you may want to tell your child and
he/she will want a DNA test. Worrying about the future and past just fucks up
today. Concentrate on being a great mom and everything else will fall into

I have been religious about carrying condoms, just in case I meet a hot guy.
What I don’t understand is why the guys always look at me like I am a slut
because I have condoms on me. It really ruins the whole mood for me. We can’t
win. I tell them “better safe than sorry” but there is always this stigma,
that disapproving look comes my way.
Should I stop carrying them? Should I use a different line?
WTF!? Wanda

Men should always have condoms on them, taken or not. You just never know when
a pussy might “accidentally” fall onto them. If they don’t carry them, and
they are single, it means (a) they are not a player and never expect to get
laid (b) don’t practice safe sex. Both are fucked up excuses.
Don’t carry them on you if you are so worried about what they think. If they
don’t have any on them, make it a fun trip to go get them together. You could
keep them in your medicine cabinet at home and say “My Mom/Sister/Dad bought
them for me for emergencies”. You could be really sarcastic (like me) and said
“oh, the last guy left them here”. My favorite is, when he asks you “do you
have any condoms on you?” say “why would I? I don’t own a cock”.
* If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me, I will answer them and
even give you a fake name to hide your tracks with  x