Ask Dr. Dot

Hello  Dr.Dot  I am just curious. Do women masturbate as often as men. Do you
have any definitive current stats, not out dated Kinsey report numbers. Also do women use porn to masturbate
like men, and how do women get this
porn. I never see them buying any when I go into the local sex video store.
Men just want to know this info so that we don’t feel like we are weird or anything. Signed, Just Curious.
Thank You. P.S I love and read your

Just Curious


 Girls watch porn too, we just never get caught ^

I believe there can never be any reliable statistics as women do these things
discretely but I can tell you, I know thousands of women,
all over the world, as I travel way too much and us gals talk about sex, so I
know first hand that women do masturbate, but not as often as
men and most of them use a ‘fake man’ (they build one out of pillows to ride
on) and use their fingers rather than dildo’s. Most, including myself, need porn to reach orgasm,
as magazine images or phone sex isn’t enough. Where do we buy this porn? We
get a man to buy it for us, or shop on-line. Although, one summer
I house-sat for my Gay uncle and thought his gay porn would do the trick,
well, it didn’t. So I had to find a seedy video shop and yes,
I was the only women in there. The men all hit on me, even the owner of the
shop, but I was brave, I got my toys/videos and survived.
This is why you will rarely see a female in such shops, that and the fact
that women can get laid so easily, they don’t need to masturbate,
we can just say, "c’mere buddy, I’m horny."
That has got to be the biggest benefit of owning a pussy, no matter how fugly
the woman, she can still get laid whenever she wants.

I am dating a younger man, much younger. I am 17 years older than he
is. I look and feel very young for my age, that’s why I always attract younger guys. Many people I know give me shit
about this, they wind me up and always tell me the negative aspects of dating such a young man. I think you
could be the one to help me put my mind at ease. Keep in mind this young man is extremely mature for his age and
we get along perfectly.

Ripe Rita


Couples with a BIG age difference ^

I may sound like a hippie when I say this, but we only live once, so get it
while you can. I find it really revolting
that older men, like Michael Douglas, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Donald Trump and many other
old geezers can marry/fuck/buy women
half their age, but no one scoffs at that, instead they get their ego’s
stroked "nice one!". Yet when older women
like Demi Moore, Madonna, Joan Collins and Cameron Diaz marry/date younger
men, they get pissed on by a shower
of doubt and criticism. You go girl, do what you want and the next time
someone hisses at you about seeing a
firm young man, tell them: "you’re only as young as the man you feel".

After 3 years of the same stuff, my girlfriend and I need to find something
new in our sex life. We have been through all the positions and toys but when I
had the idea of another girl, she yelled at me as if I killed someone. how do I
convince her to allow a third party into our bedroom?

Horny Hal

Threesomes can be fun if everyone is cool about it ^


"Third Party"?. Well, you know the rule, Ladies First! Invite a man into your
Fuck-Fest, and see how your first threesome goes over. If you both like it,
then maybe she will let another pussy into your bedroom.


I have been seeing this hot guy now for a month and sometimes I sleep over his
house (and vice versa) and this sometimes turns into long weekends in bed.
The only problem I have is I have no idea how to fart around him.
I mean, my bathroom is right next to the bed room and if I let one rip,
he would surely hear it. By the end of the weekend, I feel like a floatation
device from holding all that gas in. It gets so bad that I don’t even want
to screw because I’m afraid all that poking and prodding inside me will
push out all those saved up farts. I am serious about this,
I know it sounds silly, but I am going crazy. How long does one have to
wait to fart out loud around a lover? I mean, everyone farts right?
Gassy Gail


When can one play the fart card, good question. I suppose you have to wait
until the premiere of the awkward "I love you" comes up. First get comfortable
with the "Love" part,
then once you are both in love and have admitted you are in love verbally,
you can break wind. Men think that women don’t fart. They are always shocked
when it happens for the first time. Pussy farts seem to go over without
even an eyebrow being raised but just plain farting is for some reason a
complete turn off (unless you are in West Virginia). You could try the one
cheek sneak, but never on a flat surface (this only works on a pillow or soft
fluffy sofa).
Try having a radio in your bathroom (and bring it to his as well) to blast
out some loud rock music (ac/dc perhaps) to play when you go to the toilet. Just let
‘er rip when the music is loud and no one gets hurt (carry a small spray bottle of
perfume with you or a match). Avoid carbonated drinks, Indian food and any kind of
beans when you know you will see him. If it happens, just laugh about it and blame
the dog/cat/hamster or him if you have to. You could always make it fun by warning
him with the ever popular "Pull my finger".