Back in Black

SOOOOO great to be back in NYC and Hoboken again, the city is so alive, so crazy, so me ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I am Berlin bound again on Wednesday, and oddly enough, not sad about it. I am happy to get back to Jasmine again and support her anyway I can. School just started for her yesterday and I should be there now for her actually, but I had people to see here, loose ends to tie up and stuff to drag back to Berlin. I hate stuff. I wish I could just throw it all away, but there is so much of it and some has sentimental value.

Some clothes are too nice/expensive to just toss into the Good Will container (so I will find friends in Berlin who want the glad rags). No matter where I am, I am happy. I used to loathe Berlin but that was because I let a certain someone and certain things drag me down. Won’t happen again. I know how to deal with grumpy Berliners now and I won’t let them piss on my parade. I do beat myself up A LOT though, for "leaving" Jasmine in 2002. I did visit her every third month though, without fail and stayed for 5 to 6 weeks, so, as she said I "was there too often and stayed too long".

 But still, I feel guilty. She says it was good for her, to gain independence. Sounds good, but now I have a lot to make up for. I am there for her as long as she needs me, no matter what. NYC will always be there, friends and loved ones will to. Lots of change going on, but I’m lovin’ it. Letting life’s river flow how it wants. Couldn’t be happier baby …..Love life, health, band, etc..knock on wood  x