If you live in CA, we need your help

If you live in CA, you can help save the Polar Bears. You see, the CA Congressman, Richard Pombo is the one pushing for oil drilling in the

Polar Bears habitit. Dropping him a "friendly note" that i have prepared below will show him that this is NOT  a good idea.

First, please read HERE on how Polar Bears are dying off…

Then click HERE   then click on CONTACT ME,

and copy and paste the letter below to this wanker (it only works if you have a CA address)- so if you don’t live in CA, you

could use someone elses CA address to help too 🙂

Copy this please:

" It’s August and America’s vanishing polar bears are feeling the heat. Scientists fear that habitat loss could drive them to extinction in the next century.

 In fact, things have gotten so bad for the bears that some have even resorted to cannibalism. None of this seems to bother YOU, Congressman Richard Pombo.

Even on the heels of a major oil pipeline leak just miles away,  you are still pushing for harmful drilling in our polar bears’ most important onshore denning habitat.

 I am outraged and will spread the word, no more votes for you until you stop the evil plan."