Born to be Wild

As promised, Catherine drove up from Baltimore again to indulge in a massage-trading binge. I massage her, she massages me, then we eat and start all over again.  It’s heaven and I need that from time to time, as like I said, she is my favorite massage therapist, she can kick my ass JUST how I like it.

I have been back in NYC for almost 2 weeks and haven’t gone out yet, until last night that is. I have been ill (still am a tiny bit) and raising hell has been the least from my mind. Anyhow, Jonesy, Catherine and I all met at  Iggy’s  for some rowdy karaoke. Well, Catherine didn’t sing this time (she had a bit of stage freight).. But Jonesy  (one of my best friends, like a Brother to me) tore up the stage and I was out of control and it felt mighty fine 🙂

  < Iggy, the owner of Iggy’s (go figure)

It was Iggy’s birthday AND he made an announcement.. that he and his wife are expecting! Papa Iggy! YAY!


Jonesy singing "Feels like the first time" ^                            Catherine chillin’ like Bob Dylan^

 < After my second Patron Margarita     :O

I think I weigh twice as much as Jonesy  heh heh ^

Getting  tired of me posting nice pictures of me? Not to worry, this one should make you feel better (or turn you off of eggs).
Catherine and I stormed into a 24 hour a day Diner and could not stop laughing. I think I was giving oral sex to my egg yolks… um.. that’s Patron  Tequila for you…